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PaleBlue provides software development services creating Web, Software, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D systems for the real world.

Our solutions help our clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, and improve safety – worldwide.

PaleBlue continuously delivers software, simulators, and other tools that are modern, well-designed, and easy-to-use. We believe that simulators should be simple and accessible.

Training has to embrace new ways of engagement, technology, and consider the target audience. Failure to adapt will result in failure to survive. The diving supervisor simulator enables drills and scenarios to be practiced in a safe controlled environment.

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Darren Brunton, IMCA Bell Diving Supervisor, Managing Director

PaleBlue simulator is a great tool for refreshing those skills which have been lost through moving into more senior positions and not getting the panel hours in, or for preparedness for the unexpected.

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Alan Rhodes, Head of Diving Training

I have experienced PaleBlue simulators first hand during a team session at the NUI diving seminar, and carried out emergency scenario training over internet with our team in Scotland and a team in Norway! It’s evolving by the month.

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Andy Butler, Deputy Diving Manager

When you are on the simulator and the instructor starts introducing simple faults or more complex scenarios, the pressure really starts to come on and it feels like you are actually out on the job, though fortunately, if something goes wrong, people's lives are not at risk. The scenarios which can be simulated are endless.

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Alan Rhodes, Head of Diving Training

We believe that training using simulator technology will be a significant and valuable supplement to the offshore industry in terms of training, qualifying and certifying air and bell diving supervisors. PaleBlue technology can potentially play a significant role in this market.

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Joar Gangenes, Group Diving Manager

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PaleBlue immersive VR simulators for commercial diving training are the world’s only software-based simulator solutions recognized by IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association)

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