PaleBlue Delivers Downhole 3D Visualization Tool to Altus Intervention

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Jørgen Espeland - CIO at Altus Intervention, and Felix Gorbatsevich - Managing Director at PaleBlue.
Photo Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue has delivered a 3D well intervention visualization system for Altus Intervention (now Baker Hughes). The Downhole 3D Visualization Tool displays an operation in real time, while empowering users to foresee and manage possible intervention issues. The users can visualize all the important aspects including intervention tool string, completion, casing, and the surrounding formation. The solution is tailored for live monitoring intervention operations and also for playing back the operations that took place. This helps to conduct operational debriefings and analysis.

In the picture above: Jørgen Espeland – CIO at Altus Intervention, and Felix Gorbatsevich – Managing Director at PaleBlue.

Anyone with a browser, from anywhere in the world, can use PaleBlue’s visualization system, thanks to its high fidelity 3D graphics packed into a lightning-fast web rendering engine.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

This web-based downhole 3D rendering system represents an entirely new generation for the downhole 3D tools. PaleBlue changes the traditional way of doing downhole real-time 3D visualization, and goes beyond building stand-alone desktop applications. The most important change consists of having the system work directly on the web, with no plugins or downloads needed. A fully interactive 3D view can now be accessed from a PC or a mobile phone using just a modern web browser.

We asked Felix Gorbatsevich, PaleBlue Managing Director, of how this solution will improve the operations and how it will be accepted by the industry. He responded: “The highly optimized PaleBlue 3D technology delivers great 3D picture, full interactivity, and a high frame rate, even when used on a mobile phone. This truly opens a new era for downhole software solutions.”

When asked about how the new tool works with other suppliers, his answer was: “Our solution is designed to integrate and interact successfully with the other systems our clients are using. For example, PaleBlue 3D Well Intervention Visualization tool has already been integrated into Altus Intervention’s larger system that is being developed by Miles Stavanger. This principle gives our clients flexibility, freedom of interchangeable components, great usability value, and most importantly a high ROI”.

In this picture: Jørgen Espeland – CIO at Altus Intervention, Jan Petter Skarbøvik – Senior Consultant at Miles, and Felix Gorbatsevich – Managing Director at PaleBlue. Photo Credit: PaleBlue

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About Altus Intervention
Altus Intervention (previously known as Aker Well Services) is a company offering an extensive range of field-proven well intervention technologies, tools and services to the global oil and gas industry. With 40 years’ industry experience, Altus Intervention has the largest team of skilled logging engineers in the North Sea. The company was established in 1980.

About Miles
Miles is an IT consulting company, specializing on project deliveries, consulting services, business advisory and UX. The company has been founded in 2005 and now they count over 160 employees, dispersed around their offices in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, Mumbai and Johannesburg.

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