PaleBlue to Develop VR for Oslo Municipality

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PaleBlue has been awarded a contract for the development of new and innovative 3D and VR solution for the Oslo Municipality, Alna District. The implementation is expected to begin shortly on this project with a scheduled completion date at the end of 2021.
The solution being developed will be used as a learning tool for all the members at the new facility – approximately 50,000 inhabitants of the Oslo district.

There were several strong bidders on this project at the beginning of this year. We chose PaleBlue as our supplier because they were able to understand our unique situation, our true needs, wants, and they were also very competitively priced. Mona Berget Bottolfs, Project Manager and Acquisition Director of this Visual Solution

There are multiple municipal services coming together to form a single solution for users of the district housing program. The ground floor of the facility – called the Citizens Square – will be open not only for the residents, but to the public as well. The project implies great importance to openness and full involvement, an ambition to make the Citizens Market Square more functional and truly active. For example, it will be a meeting place for the residents, locals, and hobbyists. This will ensure the community has a convenient way to interact with the district’s services. It will also give politicians a new meeting arena, and provide the community with an improved opportunity to exercise their roles, as well as establish an area for future joint development.

According to Mona Berget Bottolfs, Project Manager and Acquisition Director of this Visual Solution, it is crucial to have top quality tools and services to achieve these goals. They might be reached by giving the best possible testing and training in various scenarios, which the employees must be trained on. That is why PaleBlue VR technology is chosen to master many different procedures and operational work. For example, practical training of security procedures or work operations protocols. Therefore, Mona Berget Bottolfs sees that as a good investment for many future areas as well.

PaleBlue VR technology is used to train all types of roles. It shows how users can practice different procedures, how personnel and operations from different areas can work together. Oslo Municipality is responsible for many different services to their inhabitants, and they see this type of technology can make a real difference.

This project is a clear signal to the market about the importance of thinking innovatively and creatively to achieve more effective results compared to traditional and old-fashioned methods. We want the beautiful district building to be built virtually long before the physical building is opening. This way, both the employees and the residents of the district will be able to get to know the inside of the building by virtually going around it and knowing how it works by the day it physically opens. Egil Thomas Andersen, Account Director at PaleBlue

This is the second contract PaleBlue has secured in a short time. Also, PaleBlue recently announced a significant agreement that has been signed with the European Space Agency (ESA) on the development of simulator solutions for training astronauts.

About PaleBlue
PaleBlue is an Industrial VR company, which has established a unique set of capabilities within 3D, VR, and multi-user experiences, used in simulation training environments. The company builds on 20+ years experience track of building 3D and training simulation systems for the energy industry, including crane training, underwater robot simulators, drilling operation simulators, and more. 

About Oslo Municipality
Oslo Municipality is a unit of local government in Norway and is responsible for primary education, outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads.