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In the picture above: Vladimir Keda – 3D Software Developer at PaleBlue.

Software development is a trade that’s always evolving. PaleBlue brings talented people together, with teams working on creating next-gen 3D and VR simulators. This is where we are looking for expertise, attracting highly experienced and skilled engineers.

What do our software developers do day-to-day? What do they enjoy in their work the most? Our news team recently had another opportunity to conduct a brief interview with one of the software team members.

1. Thank you for taking a few moments to answer our questions. Could you please tell us a little about yourself? 
My name is Vladimir Keda, and I’m currently working as a software engineer at PaleBlue. 

2. What led you into starting a career as a software engineer in the first place?
Physics and math were the subjects that were interesting to me while at school. Then I understood that I would like my life to be in software engineering. I should also mention that I’m a big fan of computer games, and thought that it would be nice to try to make games myself. This is how I actually got to work in IT.

3. When did you start your work here at PaleBlue?
I’ve joined PaleBlue in February 2021. By now I’ve been working on the Zero-G virtual reality simulator project for the European Space Agency, which was quite impressive for me. It is a cool project for training astronauts and preparing them for their work at the International Space Station. Working on a project linked to space was like a dream come true for me.

5. How would you describe your experience working with PaleBlue so far?
Inspiring! There’s a lot of cool and interesting people on our team. We work on projects related to different types of industries, from construction to diving and outer space. Software engineering is a pretty cool field. As for my other interests, I also thought about going for robotics. During college, for example, I spent some time working for the student sports club as an event manager and participated in social media marketing. After that, I was working in game development. As a part of that, analytics and game design became areas of my interest.

6. What are the biggest challenges of working as a software developer? 
It’s important to learn something new constantly. Otherwise, it’s easy to get stuck. In the world of IT, there are new solutions, frameworks, and code libraries that are emerging all the time. So one needs to be on top of that, and follow the latest developments in order not to miss anything.

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