VR Familiarization for Oslo Municipality

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PaleBlue delivers an expanded interactive 3D and Virtual Reality application in the District Alna Town Hall building (Bydelshus) in Oslo. The first phase of this project included developing an interactive digital twin of the town hall and its first floor.

This innovative solution allows the employees to learn the floor layout, walk around and get accustomed to the new facilities before the building process is finished.

Photo credit: PaleBlue

As the solution is web-based, the model works just as well on PC, tablets, smartphones, and VR headsets. allowing the users to experience the realistic and interactive 3D solution.

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The additional seven floors were added to the digital twin of the town hall. This completes a long-lasting development project that comprises different training and familiarization scenarios. Spaces were created for the restaurant, community service offices, health center, parking places, changing rooms, meeting spaces, and many others.

Users and employees can practice accessing the different floors and environments and walking through to learn where the services are provided.

We are thankful for PaleBlue’s expertise, patience, and high standards! We use the model almost daily, and as we now are getting closer to the dates of moving into the building – more and more of our employees are using it too! Mona Berget Bottolfs, Project Manager and Acquisition Director of this Visual Solution

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About Oslo Municipality
Oslo Municipality is a unit of local government in Norway and is responsible for primary education, outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads.