PaleBlue Provides a ROV Simulator for Aker Solutions

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PaleBlue delivered a modern ROV Engineering Simulator to Aker Solutions. This simulator will help Aker Solutions to simulate the behavior of the underwater robots (ROVs) in a controlled environment, performing accessibility checks for the underwater oil & gas installations.

The PaleBlue ROV Design product integrates with a wide range of CAD data. The geometry data is imported right into the editing solution and can be optimized and manipulated in a number of ways. Hierarchy and meta-data are preserved from CAD to enable quick access to structural properties. Other features include different ROV models, ROV arm types, distance and measuring tools – as well as TMS and tether controls.

Flexible input methods allow performing ROV access planning from any PC with a few devices connected, such as gamepad or a joystick.

Image Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue Subsea Access Simulator

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PaleBlue specialists have a long-time experience with creating ROV simulators, having delivered ROV simulator products from 2008.

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