PaleBlue Delivers VR to Saudi Aramco

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PaleBlue developed advanced VR simulators for Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company. Saudi Aramco is the operator of the world’s largest single hydrocarbon network.

PaleBlue had entered this business relationship along with the company’s partner Dolf Technologies, which is situated in Saudi Arabia.

PaleBlue developed 10 VR simulators covering various scenarios with inspection, electrical and chemical fields, and these are being integrated into Saudi Aramco’s corporate training programs.

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About PaleBlue
PaleBlue is the leading provider of immersive technologies and training solutions. The company’s focus is on achieving excellence by delivering value-driven solutions enabled with AR and VR technology. PaleBlue VR and 3D simulators are built for the real world and help businesses worldwide to save costs and better prepare for real-life situations and emergencies.

About Dolf Technologies
Dolf Technologies is a Saudi technology services company offering Digital Transformation, Value Added Distribution, System Integration, and E-Learning & LMS solutions and services. Dolf partners with Saudi organizations to develop and optimize their technology.

About Saudi Aramco
Saudi Aramco is a leading producer of energy and chemicals that drive global commerce and enhance the daily lives of people around the globe by continuing to deliver an uninterrupted supply of energy to the world. Saudi Aramco is part of the global effort toward building a low-carbon economy.