PaleBlue Introduces a Novel ROV Engineering Simulator

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PaleBlue launches their own ROV Engineering Simulator tailored for subsea engineering, design reviews, and accessibility checks of subsea installations with the use of ROVs (underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles).

The simulator provides real-time simulation and visualization tools that allow users to set up a subsea scene, import CAD equipment, and model various situations with ROVs. The simulator is based on the Unity modern 3D engine and thus allows superb performance capabilities, being able to load and handle gigabytes of CAD data while maintaining a smooth refresh rate.

This makes PaleBlue ROV Simulator a go-to tool when it comes to subsea engineering, planning, design reviews, accessibility checks, and many other tasks involving ROVs.

PaleBlue software engineers have a long experience with creating ROV simulators, with the history track tracing all the way back to 2008. 

Image Credit: PaleBlue
We are very excited to introduce a new software simulation product for the subsea and ROV market. This product builds on the years of experience with ROV engineering tools, and brings unmatched functionality and performance to the market.Felix Gorbatsevich, PaleBlue CEO

Better software tools lead to better effectiveness, productivity and safety. Subsea market has long benefited from pioneering software solutions, and this new tool allows handling  even more complex subsea projects than previously possible. Company has previously delivered simulator projects to clients in Energy, Space and Construction markets, and now is introducing its engineering tools to the market.

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