Delivery of Gamified Training to Neptune Energy

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Gamified training developed for Neptune Energy by PaleBlue

PaleBlue’s latest milestone in its ongoing mission to transform standard e-learning into immersive, gamified training was the delivery of a package of novel, interactive, screen-based training to Neptune Energy. This delivery is meant to train the workforce of Neptune Energy employees in the key aspects of HSE of working on offshore oil platforms. This is the second phase in PaleBlue’s project with Neptune Energy. In the first phase, PaleBlue supplied a VR-powered familiarization solution for the Gjøa oil platform.

The training was tested extensively by internal and external specialists at Neptune Energy, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback. The vast majority praised the high quality of the interactive modules, and said the game introduces a fresh and novel approach to e-learning. The end users have remarked that the interactive training is very valuable, and definitely is much more engaging than traditional slide-based e-learning.

Those who tested and trained on the courses also shared some qualitative feedback, saying that the interactivity is entertaining and informative, that it is easy to understand, and that this course format is enjoyable.

Obtaining Work Permit: Interactive dialogs with the characters

Gamified Training

A distinct innovation for this project was its screen-based format. By using a screen-based delivery, all of the employees can access the training through their work computers. To improve engagement, gamification elements such as storylines, interactive characters and music were incorporated into the experience.

Obtaining Work Permit: A view of the training environment

In the Work Permit training module, the player acts as a technician that needs to perform an inspection of valves. In the course of that assignment, the player goes through the process of obtaining and approving a work permit.

Familiarization training of the Gjøa Platform: A view of the training environment

In the Familiarization training module, the objective is to perform work on a seal at the Gjøa oil platform. In this training, the 3D model of Neptune Energy’s Gjøa oil platform has been converted to a screen-friendly format, allowing users to navigate it from any browser. The challenges in this module include an emergency event. An alarm prompts the player to get their safety suit, and eventually evacuate in a lifeboat – all while navigating the oil platform through numerous rooms and corridors before time runs out.

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Obtaining Work Permit: The Game
We are pleased to see a strong commitment to interactive methods of employee training at Neptune Energy. Having delivered this project and measured the user feedback, we can say with confidence that the gamification approach works very well for complex operational and safety scenarios.
Felix Gorbatsevich, CEO of PaleBlue

About PaleBlue
PaleBlue is a training and simulators company, which has established a unique set of capabilities within 3D, VR, and multi-user experiences, used in simulation training environments. The company builds on more than 20 years experience developing and deploying 3D and training simulation systems for the energy industry, including crane training, underwater robot simulators, drilling operation simulators, and more.

About Neptune Energy
Neptune Energy is an independent global E&P company with operations across the North Sea, North Africa and Asia Pacific, employing over 1900 people. Neptune Energy produces oil and gas at onshore and offshore locations throughout the North Sea, North Africa and Asia Pacific. The company manages upstream operations and participates in partner-operated concessions. Wherever Neptune Energy operates, safety is put as the first priority.

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