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PaleBlue has introduced a catalog of gamified training courses. These courses represent a fresh take on e-Learning for the industry, featuring a gamified, interactive package instead of text- and image-based training of traditional e-Learning. Employees play through bite-sized interactive games, facing various challenges in the form of mini-games, learning safety concepts while advancing through the levels.

The company has worked with the experts in safety and industrial operations to make sure that the content is based on the real safety challenges seen in the field. The company has also involved gamification experts to frame the training material into a fun and engaging package.

The result is a novel way to perform employee training and development. The users of the gamified courses gave overwhelmingly positive feedback on their experiences. The vast majority praised the high quality of the interactive modules, and said the game introduces a fresh and novel approach to e-learning. The end users have remarked that the interactive training is very valuable, and definitely is much more engaging than traditional slide-based e-learning.

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We provide a free demo of gamified training, allowing anyone to try an interactive training module for themselves.

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The catalog is introduced with a set of courses based on IOGP (International Oil and Gas Producers) 9 Life-Saving Rules: a set of foundational safety principles that apply to many industries including energy, oil and gas, renewables, and construction. The catalog will be continuously extended with newly developed courses on a number of safety and operational topics.

Introducing a package of ready-to-use gamified training courses, we transform the e-Learning landscape for industrial users, creating what we call e-Learning 3.0 with dynamic, interactive and engaging content that perfectly complements digital learning materials that our clients are using today. We have built this around the concept of replayability, so that each training session is randomized, and therefore can be unique and interesting. Felix Gorbatsevich, PaleBlue CEO

The training courses are screen-first, enabling usage on PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile devices. This allows organizations to deploy this interactive training to large groups of employees. The courses are available in stand-alone form or they can be easily integrated into a LMS (Learning Management System).As the screen-based courses are web-based, the integration is straightforward and can be done for any LMS supporting SCORM distribution format. At the same time, the standalone packaging allows the utilization of the courses as-is, without a need for integration for those clients that do not use an LMS.

Selected courses are also available in VR.

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Flexibility and customization are at the heart of this technology. The courses are easily translatable and themable, allowing to rapidly adapt them for specific clients’ needs. Customization allows for procedures and even branding of a specific organization to be easily incorporated into the content.

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About PaleBlue
PaleBlue is a training and simulation company, which has established a unique set of capabilities within 3D, VR, and interactive systems, used in professional training environments. The company builds on more than 20 years experience developing and deploying training systems for the industrial clients in the energy industry, space industry, and other areas. Clients of PaleBlue include the European Space Agency, Baker Hughes and Saudi Aramco.