PaleBlue Delivers ROV Training Simulator to OSM Thome

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PaleBlue ROV Trainer deployed at OSM Thome facility in the Philippines

PaleBlue completed delivery and deployment of a ROV Training Simulator to OSM Thome. The simulator is based on the PaleBlue ROV simulation platform and, more specifically, on the PaleBlue ROV Trainer product. The simulator has been installed at OSM Thome’s training premises in the Philippines.

PaleBlue ROV Trainer is a novel kind of ROV simulator: it’s fully digital and does not have dependencies on specific hardware or hardware components, allowing the use of off-the-shelf PC equipment. This enables establishing simulator training stations across various locations at controlled cost.

The simulator supports off-the-shelf as well as custom input controls, allowing for use in a wide range of training environments and situations.

PaleBlue ROV Trainer Operations

The simulator features a number of training scenarios allowing the trainees to go through various different subsea tasks. The simulator also supports environmental conditions including current, heave and visibility. In the duration of the project, the simulator has been configured to the requirements of OSM Thome specialists working with ROV operations.

Trainees at OSM Thome controlling the simulator

With the PaleBlue simulator, OSM Thome is able to perform training and competence development of its crews from their training facility in the Philippines.

PaleBlue ROV simulation platform includes two main products: Subsea Access Simulator, made for subsea engineers to perform access verification on their CAD model, and ROV Trainer, made for training of ROV pilots.

We’re glad that OSM Thome, a global leader in ship management, chose to work with PaleBlue, and that PaleBlue simulator can improve training levels, as well as incident preparedness in ongoing and future subsea operations. This project serves as an illustration of the expanding abilities of our ROV simulation platform. Felix Gorbatsevich, PaleBlue CEO
PaleBlue ROV Trainer Scenario

PaleBlue ROV Trainer

Explore the capabilities and get a demo of the world's most modern ROV training simulator.

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About OSM Thome
OSM Thome is the leading ship management, crew management, and marine services company. The company is the result of a merger that was activated in 2023 between the OSM Maritime Group and the Thome Group. OSM Thome currently employs approximately 31,000 people at sea and onshore, maintains 30+ offices in various locations across continents, and manages 1,000 vessels. The company’s core services are Full Ship and Crew management. In addition, OSM Thome offers several other Marine Services, including OSERV Catering, New Building Supervision, Dry Docking, Ship Repair and Maintenance, Port Agency Services, Maritime Insurance, Medical Services, Aegir Global Travel Services, and others.

About PaleBlue
PaleBlue is a training and simulation company, which has established a unique set of capabilities within 3D, VR, and interactive systems, used in professional training environments. The company builds on more than 20 years experience developing and deploying training systems for the industrial clients in the energy industry, space industry, and other areas. Clients of PaleBlue include the European Space Agency, Baker Hughes and Saudi Aramco.