Relocation Help

If you are from abroad and you are going to join PaleBlue, don‘t worry about your relocation. We will support you and guide you through all steps in coming aboard remotely and possible relocation, to give you a warm welcome to our home.

International Team

People from over 15 nations, 10 languages spoken, and we curse in over 15.
If you like getting to know other cultures and being in an international environment, you will feel like home here. There's nothing boring about this team!

Stay Healthy and Fit

Staying healthy and happy is what we like. Our office is located not far away from the city center, and can be easily reached by bicycle.

Communication at Eye Level

We are not co-workers, but rather teammates and friends with whom you can debate new ideas and also get support from them. Everyone’s input is valued and wanted.


Everyone at PaleBlue loves to learn. We go to meetups, workshops, conferences to stay up to date with our work field and the industry.

Coffee and Tea

We all enjoy having a hot drink together. It‘s pretty cool to have coffee and tea in the office - while chatting about that latest VR technology.

Freedom & Responsibility

We approach everything we do thoughtfully, with responsibility, and ownership. At the end of the day, you will have the great feeling of progress for having contributed to building something innovative at the frontier of today’s simulation technology.

Team Building

We regularly organize team events like Newcomer Days, bowling or hiking. And we love to visit the local pizza parlor, especially in the summer. Stavanger is the best place for it!