The Organisation’s
Management Team

PaleBlue's executive leadership consists of experienced entrepreneurs and IT
experts whose vision and unwavering dedication are transforming the industry.


Felix Gorbatsevich

Managing Director

18+ years of experience in simulation and real-time graphics industry. Gorbatsevich has been working in technology and software companies including Aker Solutions, Sun Microsystems. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science.


Svein Reinhardtsen

Business Development Director

Extensive experience in Business Development. Working together with PaleBlue realtime 3D technology team. Reinhardtsen is the locomotive in many customer projects, delivery services and development products.


Ian Bjørsvik

Solutions Manager

Working to establish and cultivate products and solutions. 20+ year career within the software and service industry, featuring exceptional performance in complex business roles, including orchestrating engineering processes and establishing successful deliveries.


Bizhan Zangiabadi

Technical Manager

Ph.D. in petroleum mechanical engineering, working with kinematic simulation, fluid and solid models, diving, seismic and downhole simulators. Developing models, simulations, and software within drilling, manufacturing, power plants as well as other fields.