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Looking for the right professional and having difficulties finding the suitable one locally?

We got you covered on all options: outsourcing, offshoring, nearshoring, outstaffing. You will save efforts, time and money and still get the expert you need for your project.
PaleBlue hires the specialists and you have them working with you, either remotely or on your premises.

PaleBlue Outstaffing
What you get with us

Quality Matters
Deep & broad technical expertise

We care about your product and are continuously on the lookout for the right developers. All our hires have a high-end user focus and have worked with a handful of technologies long enough to become experts and are competent with many.

Good communication also matters and that is why all of our developers have a fluent command of English.

Programming Languages



.NET and .NET Core

Automation Engineering

PLC programming
Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic engineering
Simulator and sensor systems
Human-machine-interface development

Software Engineering

Web programming, full-stack
Databases, including SQL and object-oriented
Real-time simulation and visualization
Embedded systems

Vast Talent Pool
The right specialists

PaleBlue has access to a massive talent pool, of over 1.5 million professionals coming from over 2,000 universities.

That means at least 3 times more applicants than through traditional hiring, covering engineering areas such as:
Software, Automation, CAD and design.

within short reach
Remote teams

Your team should not be too far away. You can choose to place specialists at one of our development centers in Western or Eastern Europe.
With this, you can hire a whole team for a price of 1 or 2 on-site specialists.

On-site specialists

Some choose to work face-to-face with their peers, and we support that. We can select, interview, and outplace specialists to your office within 4 weeks' time.
With this, the specialists become a part of your on-site team and follow your daily process.

Cut down costs
High quality, low price

With us, you have the guarantee of clean and transparent terms of services and payment.
At PaleBlue we carefully select all contractors, to be fully qualified for the job. We will also be responsible for compensations, taxes, insurance, office expenses and more.
You, our customer, will pay for the working hours only.

Recruiting Process

1: proper requirements

We collect the relevant job requirements and project specifications from the customer.

Widest search

We perform the search on our resource pool with over 2 million specialists, selecting people with the best qualities for the job.

3: Thorough selection

We interview the candidates thoroughly with our team, from language and cultural fit to technical capabilities, perform test-tasks in the interviews, and home-tasks.

4: Customer interview

The finalists are presented to the customer and interviewed.
The best candidates are then hired and onboarded.

Our clients’ feedback on PaleBlue Outstaffing

Good commitment, flexibility towards tasks assigned, excellent communication.

Great .NET and WPF programming skills!

Fantastic job! I am very pleased with the performance. I appreciated the genuine interest in getting the final product to exactly where we wanted it to be.

Keep up the good work!

Take control over every aspect of your project

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