About Us

PaleBlue digital interactive solutions help companies to achieve better efficiency and earnings by providing best-in-class tools and platform


State-of-art solutions and technology


Working with 3D and VR since 1990s


Agile process for quality and cost-awareness

Our Values


All of our achievements are team achievements.

Creativity & Curiosity

We explore creativity and curiosity to find and deliver non-standard solutions.

Honesty & Responsibility

We are honest with ourselves and others, and we take responsibility for what we do.


We strive for high quality in everything we do. We put passion and pride in our work.

Why PaleBlue

PaleBlue team has a long-lasting experience in creating Virtual Reality applications, Simulators and Interactive solutions. We are a front-runner in immersive technologies and provide client-centric solutions and solid delivery, maintaining balanced cost. Our solutions are approved by world-leading trade organizations, institutions, and the enterprise.

Ultimately, in partnership with its customers, we seek to make businesses run better, be safer, and have all the tools at their fingertips.

Solutions with an impact

PaleBlue solutions in digitalization help its clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, and improve safety - worldwide. We continuously deliver tools that are as modern, well-designed, and easy-to-use as the ones encountered by the clients elsewhere in their daily lives. PaleBlue Simulation Platform supports the flexibility to adopt exactly the tools needed by employers, staff, users, and their clients - rather than what someone else wants them to use.

Years of Solid Experience


First 3D and Virtual Reality development


Vessel simulators for Bergen Shipyard


PaleBlue established by Virtech and Monotech


Named Top 10 Simulator Company by CIO Magazine


Recognized Innovator by European Comission

Made in Norway


PaleBlue is founded and headquartered in Norway. The company’s main office is located in Stavanger, which is the country’s oil and gas capital. We are proud to serve the Norwegian companies and their dedicated people, who work in world’s most harsh weather conditions: at the Norwegian continental shelf, along the Norwegian coast and in the Arctics.

The Team

At PaleBlue, we are building a place where everything from the most immediate details to the big picture is organized. With PaleBlue, each person knows what they should be doing, why, and by when. These clarity, transparency, and focus allow teams to collaborate with less friction and produce great results.

Our Verticals


HSE and Operations


Oil & Gas and Renewables


Subsea and Diving


Construction and Lifting


Healthcare and Biotech

Our focus is on achieving excellence by delivering value-driven solutions enabled technology. We invest in creating simulators, nurturing talent, trying new things, and building knowledge assets for specific industry verticals.

Our Portfolio


Working with European Space Agency on Zero-G VR


Delivered 3D of NASA Extreme Environment Missions habitat


Approved by world’s leading marine association


Developing innovative 3D and VR for Oslo Municipality

PaleBlue is the world's only company whose digital simulators are approved by IMCA for training and certifying offshore specialists
The leading international trade association for the marine contracting industry, with industry leaders such as Saipem, Subsea 7, TechnipFMC and other as members. With PaleBlue system approved for training, specialists can be trained in the office environment, shortening the time they need to be offshore. Simulator training is intensive, so that 1 hour in a simulator is equal to 2 hours offshore.


PaleBlue strength lies in our flexible and scalable solutions that are built on modern technology and delivered safely. We customize the solutions to the unique "wants and needs" of every one of our customers. We work with our customers to create workflows that make sense. This, coupled with our quality resources and industry benchmarked processes, makes us the preferred choice for clients and their needs. We aim to be strategic consulting and technology partners for our clients and offer solutions that have long-term and sustainable benefits.

Tailoring and Integrations

We will not strain you with a vendor lock, because our solutions are based on industry standards, and can interface with third parties. Training course results can be synchronized directly into your HR systems, using xAPI and SCORM interfaces.

Our solutions and services are tailored to the industry, generating intuitive operational workflows, automating information and image exchange, and adding functionality and interoperability where none existed before – without having to replace current systems.

PaleBlue Platform

The PaleBlue Simulation Platform is our secret sauce. It is a modular software framework for building best-in-class simulators and experiences. It features a flexible architecture, and can be scaled rapidly. Our highly customizable workflows are designed and built using the PaleBlue Simulation Platform and its modular, building-block applications, which allow us to create new simulator scenarios quickly and easily.

What clients say

PaleBlue is a good partner who quickly understands and responds to our needs. We will now use the solution in furniture planning, safety work, ROS analyses, quality assurance of floor plans etc.

Author Image

Mona Berget Bottolfs

Project Manager

Oslo Municipality

ESA and the European Astronaut Center have been very pleased with the Zero-G VR simulator delivery, paving the way for further cooperation and development of new groundbreaking tools.

Author Image

Lionel Ferra

ESA ODF Manager & XR Lab HRE-OT

European Space Agency (ESA)

This has been a project that has delivered on all milestones. We see this technology as incredibly exciting and valuable for other areas that we are looking into.

Author Image

Arne Bekkeheien

Maintenance Method and Mechanical Manager

Neptune Energy

We really appreciate the professional work carried out by PaleBlue. It was amazing to see how fast a full real-time virtual scenario is built up.

Author Image

Svein Olav Halstensen

Leader Maritime Technology

Norwegian Research Centre

Our experience with PaleBlue is that they have delivered a good product fast. You can do the operations virtually so that you know exactly what to do.

Author Image

Martin Borthne

Operation Manager

Neptune Energy

Training has to embrace new ways of engagement, technology, and consider the target audience. Failure to adapt will result in failure to survive. PaleBlue simulator enables drills and scenarios to be practiced in a safe controlled environment.

Author Image

Darren Brunton

IMCA Bell Diving Supervisor, Managing Director

KBA Training Center Pte Ltd

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