Uncover the secrets to a safer workplace in this comprehensive course! Learn about the crucial equipment and procedures to prevent fatalities and major accidents, and discover how to keep your workplace running smoothly and securely.
15-20 min
Screen, VR
Web, Mobile, VR
Web, iOS, Android
English, Arabic
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What to expect from this course?

Bring life to your workers’ health and safety training with our Bypassing Safety Controls course! This essential skill-building program is specifically designed for the energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, utilities, and mining industries.

Experience the excitement of our engaging Bypassing Safety Controls training modules, which offer a fun and interactive way to master the basics of hazard prevention, hazard elimination, safety-critical equipment, hazard recognition, safety control systems, and more. Perfect for everything from inductions and refreshers to contractor awareness and pre-site visits.

Step into the world of immersive, real-life scenarios with our 3D learning training course. Solve problems, interact with the environment, and solidify your workers’ knowledge of critical health and safety rules for long-term retention.

Action statements that will be covered during this course:

  • I understand and use safety-critical equipment and procedures which apply to my task
  • I obtain authorisation before disabling or overriding safety equipment, deviating from procedures, and crossing a barrier

Course content

  1. Safety-critical controls introduction
  2. Equipment for fire/explosion protection and mitigation
  3. Guards, interlocks, and alarms for hazard prevention
  4. Safety-critical monitoring equipment
  5. Importance of procedures in preventing fatalities and major accidents
  6. Types of critical procedures
  7. Correct procedure performance


PaleBlue is a good partner who quickly understands and responds to our needs. We will now use the solution in furniture planning, safety work, ROS analyses, quality assurance of floor plans etc.

Author Image

Mona Berget Bottolfs

Project Manager

Oslo Municipality

ESA and the European Astronaut Center have been very pleased with the Zero-G VR simulator delivery, paving the way for further cooperation and development of new groundbreaking tools.

Author Image

Lionel Ferra

ESA ODF Manager & XR Lab HRE-OT

European Space Agency (ESA)

This has been a project that has delivered on all milestones. We see this technology as incredibly exciting and valuable for other areas that we are looking into.

Author Image

Arne Bekkeheien

Maintenance Method and Mechanical Manager

Neptune Energy

We really appreciate the professional work carried out by PaleBlue. It was amazing to see how fast a full real-time virtual scenario is built up.

Author Image

Svein Olav Halstensen

Leader Maritime Technology

Norwegian Research Centre

Our experience with PaleBlue is that they have delivered a good product fast. You can do the operations virtually so that you know exactly what to do.

Author Image

Martin Borthne

Operation Manager

Neptune Energy

Training has to embrace new ways of engagement, technology, and consider the target audience. Failure to adapt will result in failure to survive. PaleBlue simulator enables drills and scenarios to be practiced in a safe controlled environment.

Author Image

Darren Brunton

IMCA Bell Diving Supervisor, Managing Director

KBA Training Center Pte Ltd

PaleBlue simulator is a great tool for refreshing those skills which have been lost through moving into more senior positions and not getting the panel hours in, or for preparedness for the unexpected.

Author Image

Alan Rhodes

Head of Diving Training

KBA Training Center Pte Ltd

PaleBlue simulator is a game changer certainly.
Came at a very critical and crucial part of the project. Excellent tool!

Author Image

Deep Vaid

Senior Specialist Engineer

Aker Solutions

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