Increased Use of VR in Everyday Industries

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a highly advanced user interface that immerses the user in an artificial environment using digital 3D to simulate reality. The technological advancements and the decrease in hardware prices have enhanced the adoption of VR in everyday industries. The future with VR in the office environment promises revolutionary changes across different sectors. Which Everyday Industries have Increased … Read More

HSE Training Using Simulators

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Man using VR

Organizations cannot ensure a safe and healthy working environment without conducting health and safety training for staff. HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) is so important that there are safety regulations and standards in most countries and organizations, and those that do not comply could face damaging consequences. It’s the duty of the employer to keep the workplace and everyone safe. Unfortunately, … Read More

PaleBlue Presents VR for Astronauts at Space Center Houston

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PaleBlue at NASA EVA Workshop

PaleBlue presents its Industrial VR platform for NASA at the EVA Workshop in Houston. This February, Space Center Houston hosted a workshop on EVA (Extravehicular Activity, or spacewalk). This workshop was a meeting ground for various teams at NASA that work on reaching the ambitious goal of the next moon landing in 2024. In this 3-day event, a number of … Read More

PaleBlue and ESA Launch a VR Training Project

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ESA Project

Based on an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA), PaleBlue starts developing a VR training simulator for astronaut training in Zero Gravity. Within this project, the International Space Station (ISS) is reproduced as a virtual 3D model, where groups of astronauts use VR to perform simultaneous training. In the photo above, inside the ESA Columbus module: Felix Gorbatsevich and … Read More

Best AR Devices for 2020

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AR Glasses

Augmented Reality is one of the latest and most promising terms in technology. However, the concept goes back to the 1900s when Howard Grubb patented the collimating reflector. Unlike VR, Augmented reality (AR) is not bound to only a headset and is being tested everywhere you can imagine, from phone to wearable and even on projectors. Though Virtual Reality and … Read More

VR Leverages e-Learning

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Man using e-learning with VR

In an exponentially growing digital world, Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer a new fad that only provides novelty value to the gaming industry. The last decade has seen a growth in computing power and technology such as smartphones which has allowed VR to become an important part of the business environment, across several industries. Despite early setbacks around latency … Read More

Best VR Headsets for 2020

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Best VR Headsets

2019 has been a spectacular year for Virtual Reality headsets. With new releases from the big technology players like Facebook, HTC, and Valve, the lineup of VR devices has been significantly refreshed. What are the headsets worth having in 2020? Current Leaders Mobile VR started to disappear from the market, largely giving way to Standalone devices, such as Oculus Quest. … Read More

Is the Future of VR/AR Relying on 5G?

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Woman using VR Headset

Ever since the release of 5G for public use in certain parts of the world, there has been different questions regarding its impact on other technologies. The area of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is one of them.  Here is a common question these days: Is the future of VR/AR relying on 5G? Before you answer that question, here are … Read More

Building Effective 3D Applications

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Woman doing advanced 3D Software Development

It is no secret that computer-based training is the future. It has proven to be faster, better at capturing and keeping the attention and transferring knowledge than traditional learning. The latest developments in computer learning promise even greater things. The advent of virtual reality and augmented reality-based learning allows specific training in hard to replicate situations, whether that be in … Read More