Attending the VRARA Enterprise Summit 2019

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Staying up to date is something PaleBlue constantly cares about. Naturally, a good way to learn about latest best practices is through attending industry’s events. The most recent one we attended was the VRARA Enterprise Summit at the LiveWorx digital transformation conference. This was hosted by the VR/AR Association on June 10th, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The … Read More

Peek Inside PaleBlue’s 3D Software Engineering Team

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In the picture above: Tatiana Klimenko – 3D Software Developer at PaleBlue. At PaleBlue, we believe in continuous improvement. And what better way to ease the growth than adding new skilled people to our team? So far, we have been lucky in attracting some great talent. Recently, our newsfeed team had a chance for a short interview with one of … Read More

Can We Use VR to Transform Education in the Age of Experience?

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Information Age, Experience Age, Virtual Reality, Education… What do all of these terms have in common? Is there anything to tie them all together? One thing we all know for sure: change is the only constant and change can lead to major gains. And it hasn’t skipped education nor technology. For the former, the transformation hasn’t been huge as many … Read More

PaleBlue Delivers Downhole 3D Visualization Tool to Altus Intervention

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PaleBlue has delivered a 3D well intervention visualization system for Altus Intervention. The Downhole 3D Visualization Tool displays an operation in real time, while empowering users to foresee and manage possible intervention issues. The users can visualize all the important aspects including intervention tool string, completion, casing, and the surrounding formation. The solution is tailored for live monitoring intervention operations … Read More

Tomorrow’s Technology at Laval Virtual Expo

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Laval Virtual has become one of the leading shows for VR/AR organizations and one of the most important places to meet new innovations and new technologies. This is one of the main reasons PaleBlue was invited and presented at Laval Virtual. The exhibition has always encouraged all the attendees to go to the 8000 square-meter exhibition area to get a … Read More

VR and AR in Today’s Environment

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming mainstream and have become a real and meaningful topic in many industries. VR and AR development can be applied towards not just gaming, but also marketing, education, training, safety, and so much more. VR and AR are state-of-the-art technologies that are being improved every day. In 2014, there were less than … Read More

Trends at the HIMSS 2019 Conference

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PaleBlue has recently participated in the 2019 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in Orlando, Florida, joining over 43,000 health IT professionals from 90 countries in one place, at the same time, to see and learn what is happening in today’s healthcare world. HIMSS is very unique since you are in a setting where everyone is moving around, talking, … Read More

Addressing Project Managers at BI Norwegian Business School

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PaleBlue gave an interactive presentation at BI Norwegian Business School, the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in all of Europe. BI has always encouraged it students, alumni, community members, and businesses to attend presentations to gain an understanding of today’s environment, challenges, solutions, and future developments. Today, Felix Gorbatsevich from PaleBlue was asked to present and … Read More

UI 2019 Allowed Attendees to Experience the Benefits of PaleBlue VR Simulators

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Underwater Intervention (UI) was a great conference in New Orleans that combined the annual conference of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and The Marine Technology Society ROV Committee. This year conference attracted a global audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts, to share ideas, debate the issues of the moment and learn about new solutions. Also, … Read More