How VR Compared to Traditional Simulators is a Big Return on Investment (ROI) in Training

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The introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) applications is no longer around the corner – it is here. It is striving to deliver new opportunities for businesses looking for cost-effective solutions, great return on investment (ROI) for updating human skills (all levels), better training options, and much more. Below is a brief look at where businesses can save money and optimize … Read More

Announcing the Launch of Our New Website

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We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website has just released. As you all know, we are perfectionist and our previous website was not always perfect (at least by our standards). So, we wanted to keep our clients, interested persons, and co-workers informed in the best way possible which meant “re-doing” our site (and a few other things). … Read More

PaleBlue Participation in HIMSS 2018

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Augmented and Virtual Reality for Doctors and Patients

PaleBlue has participated in the 2018 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in Las Vegas, joining over 40,000 health information technology professionals from 50 countries gathered in one place, at the same time, to see and learn what is happening in the world. PaleBlue has demonstrated its latest developments for Healthcare and launched the Augmented Reality X-Ray Toolset. This … Read More

7 Reasons To Use VR in Training

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Virtual Reality (VR) technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, and businesses are catching on. Workforce training is one area where virtual reality is being used to great effect. VR has the unique ability to transport you to a completely made-up, yet completely real environment, and this makes it perfect for training individuals & teams on the different scenarios … Read More

Virtual Reality: A World Class Tool for the Marine Community

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PaleBlue has showcased a selection of its diving simulators at the Underwater Intervention 2018 convention in New Orleans, USA with real end-users.   The diving industry is a vibrant sector, in which new technologies play a crucial role. The advancement of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Real-Time technologies brings innovative solutions to several areas of the diving industry – reproducing … Read More

Public Launch of Multiplayer Virtual Reality Training

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PaleBlue publicly launches VR Diver Multiplayer Edition at the Bergen Diving Seminar 2017, world’s largest event in commercial diving.   The presentation was done on 15 November as a hands-on demonstration of two VR Diver stations, a Dive Control supervisor station, a Habitat supervisor station, and an ROV station – all synchronized in the same operation, with communication between all … Read More

Growing Potential of the Asia-Pacific Market

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PaleBlue diving simulators have been demonstrated at IMCA Seminar in Singapore. We have run a multi-discipline demo showing VR Diver and Dive Control Simulator working together.   The focus was on reproducing a stressful situation with multiple emergencies and alarms, and seeing how the operator would react. We have called in participants from the audience to operate the simulators.   … Read More

Disruptive Virtual Reality Tools for the Bio-Chemical Industry

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Study and manipulation of protein molecular structures in 3D using Virtual Reality, as presented at the Nordic Edge 2017 conference in Stavanger.   Professor Lutz Eichacker presented Molecular VR toolkit. The product is a joint development between PaleBlue and Centre for Organelle Research (CORE) at the University of Stavanger.

UK Market Assesses Training Simulators

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PaleBlue has demonstrated its Dive Control Simulator (DCS) at the IMCA Diving Seminar in London this week.   The simulator has been shown in its latest form, with built-in scenarios, procedures and checklists. We were glad to get a lot of positive feedback and interest from the participants. This presentation has been a joint effort of PaleBlue, DiveSource and NYD. … Read More

PaleBlue Secures UK Market

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DiveSource Ltd becomes an agent representing PaleBlue products and services in the UK, as the agreement is signed between the two companies.   DiveSource is an international offshore crewing and diving consultancy providing highly competent Client Representatives to the Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind Renewables Industry. DiveSource is based in Aberdeen, Scotland.   In this photo: Sarah Hutcheon of … Read More