Spaceport Norway: Discussing the Future of Resources and the Climate

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One of the key things that our society should definitely look more into nowadays is the matter of climate crisis. The Spaceport Norway conference on 4th and 5th of September brought into the spotlight this topic that, for sure, impacts us all. 2019 was the third year in a row for the event, and it took place in Trondheim, after … Read More

Motion Platforms – When Simulation Starts with Motion

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We have discussed in the past some of the advantages one gets of using simulators in training, teaching, and everyday practice. A category of simulators that is most often overlooked is that of motion platforms. What is a motion platform simulator? Before going into details, we should first check on some basic physics theory. A motion simulator or motion platform … Read More

Attending SimGHOSTS 2019 Event with Healthcare Professionals

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Medical events are helpful for people – where they exchange knowledge and ideas with one another on a personal level. Lance Baily, CEO of, referred PaleBlue to one of the most sophisticated events of the year 2019 SimGHOSTS event in Miami FL, which is a global hands-on training event. Medical VR is used in healthcare institutions and other settings … Read More

PaleBlue in the CIO Applications Magazine

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PaleBlue has been featured in the July issue of CIO Applications magazine, Simulation Edition, Issue 36. Recently we shared the news of PaleBlue being recognized as Top 10 Simulation Solutions Providers of 2019. Shortly after, our managing director, Felix Gorbatsevich, was asked for an interview by CIO Applications magazine. The interview addresses a wide number of topics, including PaleBlue’s journey … Read More

Meeting Hydro Challenges at the HydroVision International Event

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Summer is a good time for us, at PaleBlue, to get a hold of the latest news and innovations in the industries our products portfolio addresses. Another event that we were a part of was the HydroVision International exhibition, on July 23-25, in Portland, Oregon. With 250+ exhibiting companies and over 3000 attendees, this show is the largest worldwide gathering … Read More

Modern Technologies Putting Patient at the Center – PaleBlue at the FIME Expo

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As an early adopter and developer of AR across healthcare, PaleBlue watches closely on where the industry is heading. One thing is for sure: change is the only constant, regardless the domain we work for. However, the healthcare sector seems to be facing some of the most frequent changes. What we see now is this industry moving sharper than ever … Read More

Attending the VRARA Enterprise Summit 2019

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Staying up to date is something PaleBlue constantly cares about. Naturally, a good way to learn about latest best practices is through attending industry’s events. The most recent one we attended was the VRARA Enterprise Summit at the LiveWorx digital transformation conference. This was hosted by the VR/AR Association on June 10th, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The … Read More

Peek Inside PaleBlue’s 3D Software Engineering Team

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In the picture above: Tatiana Klimenko – 3D Software Developer at PaleBlue. At PaleBlue, we believe in continuous improvement. And what better way to ease the growth than adding new skilled people to our team? So far, we have been lucky in attracting some great talent. Recently, our newsfeed team had a chance for a short interview with one of … Read More

Can We Use VR to Transform Education in the Age of Experience?

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Information Age, Experience Age, Virtual Reality, Education… What do all of these terms have in common? Is there anything to tie them all together? One thing we all know for sure: change is the only constant and change can lead to major gains. And it hasn’t skipped education nor technology. For the former, the transformation hasn’t been huge as many … Read More

VR and AR in Today’s Environment

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming mainstream and have become a real and meaningful topic in many industries. VR and AR development can be applied towards not just gaming, but also marketing, education, training, safety, and so much more. VR and AR are state-of-the-art technologies that are being improved every day. In 2014, there were less than … Read More