Virtual Reality Used in Treating Human Vision

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be applied in multiple different industries for all kinds of purposes. Healthcare is certainly one of the fields where these technologies can solve multiple problems in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few applications where VR technology has already been successfully utilized in recent years: mental illnesses treatment, pain management, physical therapy, … Read More

Why Businesses Move Meetings From Zoom to VR

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In 2020, having remote-based business and work meetings conducted via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or one of the alternative videoconferencing services is basically the new norm. To a large extent, COVID-19 contributed to such a rapid move to remote-based work-related communication, but even without the epidemic, online meetings were getting more and more popular each year in the … Read More

4x Faster, Much More Effective, and Fun – How VR Transforms Soft Skills Training

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It may sound banal, but today having well-developed soft skills (or human skills as they are sometimes being called) is more important than ever before. This is true for pretty much any employee, and any company. From a formal addition to your professional skill set (so called hard skills), soft skills are consistently turning into an all important competitive advantage, … Read More

Collaboration Training in Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality and 3D simulators have been adopted by many firms in industries like engineering, manufacturing, construction and energy as one of the most powerful tools that have been significantly useful in collaboration training. 3D Virtual Reality environments were developed to train professionals in a safe and engaging online training. Recent advancement in VR technology has enabled businesses to improve … Read More

How Governments Are Using AR and VR

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Immersive technology has long been used in training, and one of the latest technological advances – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – is becoming more commonplace. Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to alter the different situations that users could experience so that they are extremely capable and confident in their abilities once they are needed. Governments play an … Read More

How Simulation-Based Training is transforming Education and Learning

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Simulators offer participative learning, and support the training of real-world users. Simulation allows participants to purposely undertake high-risk activities or procedural tasks within a safe environment. All that happens without dangerous implications to themselves or their coworkers.Rather than sitting through an e-Learning online course, trainees can practice what they have observed, stage experiments and test, and quickly learn from any … Read More

Virtual Reality Medical Training for a Real- World-Impact

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Simulation technology is increasingly used to train future and current healthcare professionals to sharpen their knowledge and skills in a safe environment. Today, there are a variety of medical simulation technologies, both physical and virtual, that provide numerous benefits for all types of schools for health professions and healthcare settings (clinics, hospitals, home healthcare, and all support personnel). Virtual medical … Read More

Leap Motion Hand Tracking vs Oculus Quest One vs Vive One

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Many people are still hesitant about investing in Virtual Reality (VR). In fact, Fortune states that despite being the next big thing for more than five years now, VR hasn’t really taken off due to various issues related to price, discomfort, lack of good content and the requirement to completely abandon reality. However, this is changing with HP noting how the revolutionary benefits … Read More

Top 5 Lifehacks for Working from Home

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The shortcomings of working from home are well known. Video meetings that last forever, colleagues are difficult to get hold of, elusive project planning that needs finalization ASAP.  Luckily, PaleBlue has tools that can help to overcome many of these shortcomings. Here’s the Top 5 list of the tools that can help you when working remotely, or working from home. … Read More

How Working from Home is Changing the Future

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The impact of coronavirus has already surpassed the effect of the 2020 oil price plummet, and is compared by many to the post-war state of the world, as seen in 1945.  Governments are taking measures to dampen the economical effects on the population and the businesses, striving to keep the economies afloat. The White House has announced a $2.2 trillion … Read More