Delivery of Gamified Training to Neptune Energy

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Gamified training developed for Neptune Energy by PaleBlue

PaleBlue’s latest milestone in its ongoing mission to transform standard e-learning into immersive, gamified training was the delivery of a package of novel, interactive, screen-based training to Neptune Energy. This delivery is meant to train the workforce of Neptune Energy employees in the key aspects of HSE of working on offshore oil platforms. This is the second phase in PaleBlue’s … Read More

PaleBlue Technology Trains Astronauts

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ESA astronaut Marcus Wandt is training in the PaleBlue Zero G simulator for the ISS. Image copyright ESA.

PaleBlue VR Zero G simulator is used in training of ESA astronauts. The ESA class of 2022, including career astronauts and members of astronauts reserve, have been going through PaleBlue simulator training. Among them is Marcus Wandt, a Swedish astronaut, who has been training at the European Astronaut Centre on the PaleBlue VR systems for the International Space Station. The … Read More

European Commission Recognizes PaleBlue Robotics Platform

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We are thrilled to announce that our innovation, PaleBlue Virtual Robotics & Autonomy Platform, has been recognized by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar. This platform is being developed as a part of the Canopies project, EU-funded under program Horizon 2020. The platform has been named a significant EU innovation. In this post, we’ll discuss the recognition and the PaleBlue Virtual … Read More

PaleBlue Runs Zero Gravity Experiments with ESA

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In this picture: Pascal Serrarens (PaleBlue) and Herve Stevenin (ESA). Image copyright NoveSpace.

PaleBlue, together with the European Space Agency, has conducted a Zero Gravity experiment onboard a series of parabolic flights. PaleBlue has entered a contract with ESA on the development of a VR system for astronaut training and design reviews. This is the third phase in a series of projects between ESA and PaleBlue and kicked off with a Parabolic Flight … Read More

PaleBlue and ESA Sign a 2-Year Contract

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Photo credit ESA - S.Corvaja.

PaleBlue and ESA, the European Space Agency, enter a contract for developing a VR Zero-G Engine for simulating Zero Gravity effects in a real-time virtual environment. This project will build on the success of the previous project phases run between PaleBlue and ESA European Astronaut Centre (EAC). The parties initially started working together in 2020, and since then have seen … Read More

PaleBlue Introduces a Novel ROV Engineering Simulator

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Image Credit:PaleBlue

PaleBlue launches their own ROV Engineering Simulator tailored for subsea engineering, design reviews, and accessibility checks of subsea installations with the use of ROVs (underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles). The simulator provides real-time simulation and visualization tools that allow users to set up a subsea scene, import CAD equipment, and model various situations with ROVs. The simulator is based on the … Read More

PaleBlue Delivers VR to Saudi Aramco

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PaleBlue developed advanced VR simulators for Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company. Saudi Aramco is the operator of the world’s largest single hydrocarbon network. PaleBlue had entered this business relationship along with the company’s partner Dolf Technologies, which is situated in Saudi Arabia. PaleBlue developed 10 VR simulators covering various scenarios with inspection, electrical and … Read More

PaleBlue Provides a ROV Simulator for Aker Solutions

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Image Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue delivered a modern ROV Engineering Simulator to Aker Solutions. This simulator will help Aker Solutions to simulate the behavior of the underwater robots (ROVs) in a controlled environment, performing accessibility checks for the underwater oil & gas installations. The PaleBlue ROV Design product integrates with a wide range of CAD data. The geometry data is imported right into the … Read More

PaleBlue Works on VR for Vision Testing and Training

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Image Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue announces the development of a Virtual Reality-based solution aimed at testing human vision and possibly training impaired vision cases for achieving improvement. This development is aimed at creating a new opportunity within ophthalmology and healthcare, designing new, lightweight, and accessible ways of helping patients with different kinds of vision irregularities and deficiencies. PaleBlue partners with Stein Førde, a chief … Read More