Trends at the HIMSS 2019 Conference

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PaleBlue has recently participated in the 2019 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in Orlando, Florida, joining over 43,000 health IT professionals from 90 countries in one place, at the same time, to see and learn what is happening in today’s healthcare world. HIMSS is very unique since you are in a setting where everyone is moving around, talking, … Read More

Addressing Project Managers at BI Norwegian Business School

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PaleBlue gave an interactive presentation at BI Norwegian Business School, the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in all of Europe. BI has always encouraged it students, alumni, community members, and businesses to attend presentations to gain an understanding of today’s environment, challenges, solutions, and future developments. Today, Felix Gorbatsevich from PaleBlue was asked to present and … Read More

UI 2019 Allowed Attendees to Experience the Benefits of PaleBlue VR Simulators

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Underwater Intervention (UI) was a great conference in New Orleans that combined the annual conference of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) and The Marine Technology Society ROV Committee. This year conference attracted a global audience of engineers, technical specialists, industry leaders and experts, to share ideas, debate the issues of the moment and learn about new solutions. Also, … Read More

PaleBlue and MHWirth Enter Resource Agreement

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In the picture: Øyvind Strømme, VP Service Products at MHWirth, and Felix Gorbatsevich, Managing Director at PaleBlue. PaleBlue has signed an agreement with MHWirth, through MHWirth’s recruitment and staffing services partner NES Advantage. MHWirth is a global provider of drilling solutions and services. In this, PaleBlue has allocated a highly skilled team of engineers to work directly with the MHWirth … Read More

PaleBlue Introduces Training for Air Dive Supervisors at YDK 2018

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PaleBlue was invited to participate in this year’s YDK 2018 (Norwegian National Conference for Professional Diving), organized by Norwegian Underwater Institute, NUI. This is a unique event, as it is made up of seasoned professionals, recent graduates, current students, educators from training facilities. The organizers have pushed for a truly interactive conference which the attendees really appreciated. The diving industry … Read More

PaleBlue Launches EdTech VR Tools at Nordic Edge 2018

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Nordic Edge Expo was an exciting three-day conference which covered “smart topics” which showcased new technological solutions that will make cities, communities, and modern companies much “smarter, greener, and more efficient”. This expo was the ideal platform for PaleBlue to participate in, since it covered topics like mobility, education, infrastructure, and how technological innovations can be used in a smart … Read More

The Latest Industrial VR and Simulation Trends at the ONS 2018 Conference in Stavanger

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Attendees at the Energy Show in Stavanger are on the lookout for the best of new and emerging technology in the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions (ONS 2018) which is known as a great environment to see and experience new trends. People often ask, what exactly do you mean by “experience new trends”? It’s a reasonable question—some of our picks haven’t … Read More

Healthcare Trends That Continue To Shape The Space, As Shown By PaleBlue’s Attendance At FIME Expo

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Technology has the ability to change the way we discuss, train, measure, and interact with each other. VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) are leading the changes in many industries (healthcare, energy, equipment, to name a few). PaleBlue has just attended FIME, Florida International Medical Expo, in July 2018, and that was a great venue to … Read More