Commercial Diving

PaleBlue is the world’s only producer of digital diving simulators recognized by IMCA

Touch panel-based digital simulator

Dive Control Simulator

We have developed a highly flexible simulator for use in training, qualifying, and certifying air and bell diving supervisors.
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Touch panels

Diving Supervisor operates the system using touch panels, that represent a specific diving vessel for the training session.


Instructor station

Instructor application can be run on a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet. Instructor has full overview of situation and parameters, and can introduce events and failures.



The system is lightweight and mobile. Hardware package is off-the-shelf touch screens and PCs, and can easily be transported. Room space requirements allow for usage onshore and offshore.


VR Diver


Preparedness and good communication are crucial. That's why we have created VR Diver. VR Diver reproduces the actual worksite by loading seabed scans and CAD of subsea equipment.

We have plugged in our advanced 3D technology to allow realistic operation of controls in diving bell and pressurized chambers. VR Diver is also tightly connected to Dive Control Simulator, allowing for simultaneous training of divers and supervisors.

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