PaleBlue Simulator

The benefits

PaleBlue’s Construction & Lifting Simulators provide a realistic experience with simulated work environments that allows the users to train for increased safety, improved efficiency, in a risk-free learning environment.

Dynamic role switching allows to go in and out of equipment, allowing for great freedom in training.


  • Accidents Happen

    Lack of awareness, insufficient training can lead to injuries and fatalities.

  • Production Stops

    The complexity comes with challenges that can obliterate low earnings and profit margin.

  • Damaged Equipment

    Maintenance of equipment is costly, which causes potential delays and fees.

  • Missed Deadlines

    Planning is the key to avoiding extra costs and allocating the resources efficiently.


  • Simulation Platform

    Modular system that offers industry specialists to rehearse operational safety procedures.

  • Fill the Gap

    An immersive, risk-free habitat that delivers real-life scenarios to foresee any problems.

  • Cost Effective

    A platform that provides rehearsal of the project and equipment in cost and time.

  • Project Scheduling

    A hazardless environment that presents the operational management systems to prevent resource constraints, and any additional costs.

World-leading solutions
Why choose us

Long experience

Working with 3D and Virtual Reality since 1990s

Deep Expertise

World-class solutions in 3D, VR, AR and Simulators

effective process

Agile process for cost effeciency & solid delivery

Industry approved

Project portfolio includes world-leading industrial companies

Engineers and Planners

Perform material handling studies, installation exercises, accessibility checks. All in an interactive simulator environment such as Construction Simulators. Experiment with different roles, weather conditions, situation planning and behavior modeling.


Operators and Workers

Rehearse an operation before it is scheduled to happen. Foresee shortcomings and fallbacks. Learn to operate the equipment in VR, with all possible operation modes. Familiarize with a remote worksite without the need of travelling there. Learn the tools alone or in a team.



Virtual Reality tool for the machine operators and construction workers to rehearse in a risk-free environment complex operations. The engineers can also use it to review various stages of construction project implementation.


All structural and functional BIM objects design integrates seamlessly into the PaleBlue simulated scene.


Complex composite CAD objects consisting of object assemblies and parts are supported by the PaleBlue software.


PaleBlue Technology allows communication between 2 or more players at the same time. All hand gestures are visible instantly among all participants and complex interactions with simulated objects are possible, such as pulling ropes, picking up and moving objects, etc.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue


Trucks and cranes can be easily manoeuvred using the the machine steering feature of PaleBlue Technology.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue


PaleBlue VR Connect technology allows multiple users to connect simultaneously to a multi-role team training.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue


With a minimal hardware setup and using industry-grade physics modeling, complete body movements is predicted in 3D and accurate real-world interactions are reproduced across all simulated scenes.

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

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PaleBlue Technology

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