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The benefits

PaleBlue’s AR and VR simulator technologies for healthcare allow a broader range of activities to be offered in hospital and rehabilitation settings (i.e. physical therapy), while being a user friendly and more cost‐effective way of providing assessment and intervention.

Our VR tools use a technology to create a simulated environment. It also uses motion capture technology, allowing a user to interact with the Virtual Reality and become part of it.

PaleBlue also offers a VR simulator for biotechnology that enables users to process modeling and simulation. This creates a virtual lab that allows to develop or create different scientific products.


  • Time-Consuming

    The amount of time invested on training sections of complex procedures can be long and inefficient.

  • Keep Updated

    Staying up to date with training employees on latest procedures is a complex and overwhelming task.

  • Travel Expenses

    Traveling to training facilities can be costly and time consuming for both professionals and patients.


  • Participation

    An immersive environment that enables engaging with multiple users and group training sessions.

  • Self-Development

    An innovative modular system that provides continuous professional development with remote training possibilities.

  • Availability

    A platform that offers home and/or online training with instant real-time results of the performance.

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PaleBlue Patient VR

Medical simulation is not just for medical students and medical professionals. Patients are often eager to understand the details of operations they will undergo, and PaleBlue’s simulation in healthcare is a huge leap forward in improving patient education. Instead of showing patients pictures and drawing diagrams, physicians can virtually immerse the patients in an actual surgery (as an example) from the  surgeons' point of view.


PaleBlue Health Professional VR

PaleBlue’s VR medical training solution is already transforming the medical landscape. From professional’s education (like physicians, nurses, and support personnel) to clinical applications, virtual reality has started to make changes in healthcare community.
The possibilities for using virtual reality in healthcare are endless. Is there a situation in your department where virtual reality could be useful?


PaleBlue VR Therapist

PaleBlue has proven that therapy and telemedicine (all types, including occupational and physical therapy), benefit greatly from virtual reality medical training. In a traditional therapy session, there may not be enough repetitions of a limb movement to gain motor improvement efficiently. Virtual reality allows for more repetitions making for a quicker development of motor skills. PaleBlue has seen how these games take patients’ minds off of the fact that they’re completing repetitions of the same movement.


Healthcare & Biotechnology Products Use
PaleBlue Technology

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