Plan and experiment with the layout of tunnel and the key components in ventilation, design, and safety

Run virtual exercises and find the layout that works best

Collaborate across domain boundaries with electrical suppliers, traffic authority, fire and rescue specialists


Product Situation Planner:

– Top-down view

– Simulated crowd behavior in buildings and structures

Product VR Situation Training:

– VR mode view – you get to be a part of the group involved in the evacuation/ emergency scenarios

– Training for personnel and rescue crews

– Emergency and evacuation scenarios

Product Situation Monitor:

– Tracking real human positioning data during group assignments and evacuations

– Analysis tools for crowd behavior

– Real-time people tracking & analysis during actual evacuation

Added Value

  • Better cost effectiveness of operations

  • Distributed operations

  • Better preparedness

  • Lower operation risks

  • Faster training times

  • Saving several days on site familiarization

  • Higher competence of personnel

  • Higher personnel availability

  • Distributed training

Areas of training



Virtual copy of layout
Normal operations
Emergency operations


Rescue training
Evacuation training
Multi-user training