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VR Crane Operations

PaleBlue training with lifting tools such as Crane Simulators use real-time simulation and visualization to model an operation. These tools put you at the controls of a crane, with a dashboard displaying boom angle, load radius, boom length, boom section telescoping and mode, relative hoist speed, region of operation, and a load-moment indicator.

Crane Simulators training serves as a vital tool in improving workflow, advance skills, and ensuring effective & safe operations. It is proven that Crane Simulations raining has a significant effect on the users and the facilities that the operators work with. PaleBlue’s Crane Simulators provide a realistic experience with simulated work environments that allows the users to train for increased safety, improved efficiency, in a risk-free learning environment.

Best Physics in Class
One-to-One Physical Simulation, Industry-Graded

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Construction Engineers

Perform material handling studies, installation exercises, accessibility checks. All in an interactive simulator environment such as Crane Simulators.
Experiment with different loads, weather conditions, situation planning and behavior modeling.


Crane Operators

PaleBlue Crane simulators and lifting Simulation Tools allow for realistic situation modeling. PaleBlue’s uses industrial-grade kinematic physical simulation, to provide one-to-one behavior with real lifting scenarios. Difficult lifting scenarios and configuration are tested beforehand in a safe simulator environment.

Crane simulators

Pipe Handling
Crane Pre-Job Inspection

Virtual Reality Simulators