Construction simulation is the discipline of creating computer-based representations of construction systems to assist in engineering, and understand the underlying behavior. This line of PaleBlue simulator products provides applications for tasks in both offshore and civil construction and engineering.

Real Users

loading environment in VR
loading CAD models in VR
running simulation in VR
loading environment in VR
loading CAD models in VR

VR Construction Site
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running simulation in VR

Virtual Reality
Construction Planning


The real-time visualisations and context-related information concepts are not new to the Engineering and Construction companies. For many years PaleBlue has been producing simulators that aid engineers, designers, architects, and maintenance workers.

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PaleBlue simulators
Modern tools for the construction site


Virtual Reality tools for engineers to test the construction from visitor’s perspective.


Augmented Reality tools for maintenance and construction workers to see a BIM and CAD overlay at the work site.


Building Information Model contains structural and functional information, and is seamlessly integrated into PaleBlue software.


CAD models for equipment co-exist with BIM designs, sharing the same space and providing interactivity for the user.

Maintenance Tools

PaleBlue Maintenance Tools use Augmented Reality solutions to provide access to piping, electrical, and other systems information in a view of a easy understandable 3D overlay, using any mobile device, whether phone or tablet. These tools empower maintenance work, and allow for much higher information connection rate.


Engineering Tools

PaleBlue Engineering and Construction tools upgrade the usual engineering process to a whole new level. Long-term simulation initiatives taken by the company, have been continuously providing next generation of computer modeling systems for construction, where simulation plays an integral role in a futuristic vision of automated project planning and control.


Visual Flow and Evacuation Simulation Tools


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