PaleBlue’s Downhole 3D Visualization leads to smarter decisions and more efficient operations.

The future of downhole operations, whether that’s drilling or intervention, lies within having software visualization tools that will take the industry to new levels of production, efficiency, performance, while reducing overall costs.

PaleBlue’s Downhole 3D Visualization combines a number of features to display the well, formations, events, and the tools in the tool string. The software integrates with topside and other simulator tools.

Downhole Simulator Types


Drillbit and drill string simulation and visualization, and alarms
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Intervention tools, including live monitoring of position, and events
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PaleBlue’s Downhole 3D Visualization is web-based, allowing to access the software from any PC, tablet or mobile phone, as well as being possible to integrate to any other web system.

These tools can be used for planning of operations – drilling or intervention. In addition to that, they can also monitor an ongoing operation, and playback a previously happened session in a lessons-learned experience.

The result leads to higher reliability, less wear on equipment, and fewer mistakes. PaleBlue real-time visualization is applicable regardless of situation type, well type, and can support multiple configurations to simulate all possibilities.


  • Easy to use Interface

    A user-friendly interface that is web-based

  • Flexible and Basic

    Minimal setup for connecting to the database

  • Full control over Situations

    Problems are visualized, allowing for better understanding

  • Real Time Cross play

    Integration with different data sources and exchange over Json

  • Realistic Operations

    Model, measure, and optimize operation performance based on real data

  • A cheap Alternative

    Reduce costs on visualization and analysis tools by connecting PaleBlue toolset


PaleBlue Downhole 3D Tools brings all critical information relating to one screen in a 3D environment, allowing to see what’s important, and make the right decisions that will ensure the success of an operation. The result is increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved user experience.

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