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PaleBlue Drilling Technology

PaleBlue produces a computer-based drilling operations management simulator technology, to enable end users to drill a well in a simulated environment. These technologies enable the participants to role-play key drilling rig jobs to perform a drilling simulation.

Drilling Training VR Simulator

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The integrated PaleBlue digital simulator solutions can facilitate virtual-on-the-job-training, by recreating the rigsite setup of the driller’s station, the drilling supervisor's station, and mud engineer's station. 3D graphics provide a 'window' into rig floor operations for the users.

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Using PaleBlue simulation technologies, the instructor acts in a mentor role, offering group skills training across a wide spectrum of drilling activities within the simulated operational scenario. The instructor provides the participants with real world drilling problems within the virtual environment.

This covers problems during the operational processes involved in spudding the well and drilling the surface hole in order to facilitate improved communications, teamwork and problem solving.

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Trainee uses authentic drilling chair controls, getting visual and audible feedback on his operations.

Industrial physics simulation powers the movement of drilling machines, drilling pipes, and auxiliary equipment. Solution is made to give authentic operational experience for better learning.

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Simulator is available in screen- and dome-based setup. Full screen setup allows using flat and dome screens for large and authentic operations. Virtual Reality version of the simulator is an affordable alternative, allowing to manage costs of the simulator installation, while maintening high realism of simulated operations.

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