PaleBlue Simulator

The Benefits

The core team of PaleBlue has been building oil and gas related simulators for more than 20 years. This experience allows for creating best-in-class training tools.

These tools utilize the uninque technological platform, with process simulation, kinematic physics, and multi-user collaboration.

Multi-person training is one of the unique capabilities of PaleBlue Simulation Platform, allowing for several VR participants to collaborate in a training session.


  • Time Consuming Coordination

    Organizing different structures of a complex project to enable teamwork can be time-consuming.

  • Remote Training

    Providing online training materials is crucial to train workers that are not able to be in the same location for in-person education.

  • Equipment Mobility

    Mobilizing essential training equipment is logistically challenging as well as not being cost-effective.

  • Productivity

    Unforeseeable circumstances can impact work output efficiency such as staffing and environmental risk factors.


  • Distributed Collaboration

    An immersive environment that enables solid teamwork by ensuring collaboration for both contractors and oil companies.

  • Availability

    A platform that ensures effective training by supplying the same virtual scenarios for everyone remotely, despite the location.

  • Cost-Efficiency

    An innovative modular system that provides comprehensive rehearsal of projects in real-time.

  • Increased Revenue

    A risk-free atmosphere that offers improved efficiency, high competitiveness, improved quality, and prevention of stop in production.

World-Leading Solutions
Why Choose Us

Long experience

Working with 3D and Virtual Reality since 1990s

Deep Expertise

World-class solutions in 3D, VR, AR and Simulators

effective process

Agile process for cost effeciency & solid delivery

Industry approved

Project portfolio includes world-leading industrial companies


Rehearse an operation before it is scheduled to happen. Foresee shortcomings and fallbacks. Learn to operate the equipment in VR, with all possible operation modes. Familiarize with an oil rig without travelling there.



Oversee complex training operations, with several contractor companies and specialists connecting in a single VR training session. Minimize risks and prevent incidents by rehearsing projects in a simulator.


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