As the technology utilized in Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) continues to grow, there are some significant increases in the types of operations now being performed remotely.

ROVs are robots that complete functions underwater on behalf of a crew. The ROV pilot, located on the surface, controls the ROV, that is connected to the vessel using an umbilical. It is essentially a tethered underwater robot that can be sent down into depths too deep or too dangerous for divers to reach.

Providing simulation for the most advanced
Underwater Machines

These amazing unoccupied submersibles are highly maneuverable. At the same time, it is essential that pilots receive proper training, as costs of equipment are high, and the operators should be prepared for various types of emergencies and failures.

Some common tools commonly implemented on ROVs include: mechanical manipulators, sonar, magnetometers, various types of cameras, cutting/shearing tools, and other devices to measure characteristics of its environment.

Pilots that undergo training in PaleBlue VR ROV Simulator, can maneuver the ROV with incredible precision, even at depths well below the normal penetration level.


Flexible toolset
PaleBlue ROV Simulator Types

We provide a number of ROV simulation tools for different uses.

in planning
Access Check

Used by CAD designers of subsea equipment. ROV is added to the scene to check for access and clash issues.

in preparing
Pilot Training

Train pilots in an immersive VR environment, where they can pilot ROV like in real operation.

In Action
Live operation

Use VR for controlling real ROV operation to get better overview of environment, understand more, and react better.

In Analysing

Connect a number of VR observers to a VR session or a live operation to have better insights and understanding of what’s going on at a depth.



From portable VR Systems for engineers, to pilot training, and to VR operation monitoring and support, PaleBlue delivers solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements. Our users span the globe, and our ROV products are in use in many industries, even educational institutions.

With PaleBlue VR ROV Simulators, it’s finally possible to do things differently, creatively, and just better - to address the issues of or your clients and your industry.

Remotely Operated Vehicles



In the field of maritime and industrial simulation, PaleBlue VR ROV Simulators have set the standard for cost effective, physics accurate, visually stunning simulation systems, and most importantly we have the ability to evolve as our clients needs and wants change.



PaleBlue ROV simulator range includes work class systems fit for training and operation, from routine to the extreme. As the industry evolves, so do PaleBlue Simulators – hence we have designed our systems systems that comply with current standards, but continue to evolve.

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