Augmented Reality Solutions

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AR Solutions

Hands-on Augmented Reality that is not only giving you an overview of the current situation, but also allows you to steer and control the world around you.

Long experience

Working with 3D and Augmented Reality since 1990s

Profound Expertise

World-class solutions in 3D, VR, AR and Simulators

effective process

Agile process for cost efficiency & solid delivery

Industry approved

Project portfolio includes world-leading industrial companies

PaleBlue AR Solutions

PaleBlue’s AR technology will help you simplify complex workflows, procedures and training, as well as reduce errors in operations.

  • Efficiency

    All real-time data at your fingertips

  • Remote Assist

    Access remote competence with AR video link

  • Condition Monitoring

    Get an instant overview in AR

  • Condition-Based Maintenance

    Field crews supported by remote team using AR

  • Time saving

    Instant access to relevant data

  • Preparedness

    Real-time equipment statistics always in sight

What is Augmented Reality?

Join the New Era with AR Solutions

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