Simulator Solutions

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Simulator Solutions

Is a simulator useful just for training purposes? Our experience proves that a simulator can be integrated anywhere in the value chain, from engineering to pre-comissioning, and from training to operation monitoring.

Long experience

Developing simulators since 1990s

Profound Expertise

World-class solutions in 3D, VR, AR and Mixed Reality

effective process

Agile process for cost efficiency & solid delivery

Industry approved

Our simulators are being used in world-leading industrial companies

PaleBlue Simulator Solutions

PaleBlue solutions are at the forefront of technology improving cost and efficiency of operations.

Efficient Process
High quality, low price

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Unlike traditional simulators, known to be highly expensive, PaleBlue simulators are based on its reusable Simulation Platform, making the result highly functional, but also affordable.

All options covered
Software & Hardware

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PaleBlue has the experience and the know-how for developing simulators for VR, MR, Offshore & Onshore projects. The delivery can be software alone, or a combination of software and hardware.

PaleBlue Simulator Solutions
Strong technology for the best results

Keeping it simple
Straightforward process

Everything in our way of handling requests is simple and easy to follow.


1. We collect or help writing the requirements document
2. We provide an estimated time for delivering an end-product

Kick-off project

1. We get CAD on 3D objects for the modeled equipment or photos of it
2. We transfer them to simulator platform
3. We create and program the physics simulation tool using Unity C# and Unreal Engine

Project Life Cycle

Simulators are used in the whole value chain

Sales – Engineering – Manufacturing – Installation – Training – Operation – Monitoring – Decommissioning

Stay one step ahead of the competition

Contact us and start building today the 3D physics simulation tool you need.