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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Mobile Simulators and Apps use versatile technology and we are making the best use of it. We build cost-effective, personalized AR and VR Mobile Apps for Android, iOS and a host of wearables, relying on cross-platform, open source technologies, etc. Our highly customizable, easy to integrate Point of Interest (POI) solutions using PaleBlue’s technology are designed to provide value adding services to tech-savvy, discerning customers. Whatever is your reason for using AR and VR Mobile Apps, we have the technical solution for it. Our AR and VR Mobile Apps are innovative and intuitively designed so that you deliver a rich, calculated user experience to the end user every time.


Mobile AR & VR

Mobile AR & VR works by pairing a smartphone with a portable AR & VR device to generate the AR & VR experience. Because it uses the phone as its mode of display and processing, Mobile AR & VR is the most scalable version of AR & VR and the most accessible to the masses. The trade-off of accessibility and mobility is in the quality of the rendering and the complexity of the experience.

This allows for head tracking and is untethered from a computer. Some devices utilize a Bluetooth controller for selection and interaction. Head tracking allows the user to look up and down, side-to-side but there is no positional tracking which you won’t be tracked moving forward or back. This makes the experiences mostly stationary but you have the ability to look around the environment with your head.

AR software uses your smartphone to run a AR & VR mobile app to produce visuals in a split screen stereo image. Slip the phone into the AR & VR device (not always made of cardboard) which then separates the split screen image. The AR & VR device can either be hand held or strapped on to your face.

It is a less expensive mode for delivering AR & VR and is best used in shorter AR & VR experiences from 3-5 minutes. It is ideal for events and conferences.

Mobile App Development

PaleBlue commits itself to building mobile apps that are functional as much as they are visually appealing. Our mobile application development service keeps the end user in mind which is why we guarantee a product that is sure to make your users go ‘WOW’. The Unbeatable Combination Of Aesthetics, Functionality, Usability and High Performance is our Mobile Application Development Service



First impression matters. That is why the mobile applications we create are designed to please the eye. Special attention to colors, images and arrangement of elements gives the app a unique look that is fascinating and yet, something that your customers will readily identify with your brand.


Our mobile application service is intuitively designed and rich in features to give a modern look and feel to your apps. We take into account an extensive list of user scenarios and experience maps to give you an mobile app that meets user expectations anytime, every time.


Mobile application development service is all about making end-users happy. We make mobile apps that are user-friendly, highly efficient and easy to operate to ensure that your customers have a satisfying experience when they use your app. Our responsive design ensures uniformity across various devices and screen sizes.


If you are not fast enough, you get left behind. This is why we as a mobile application development service provider build the apps that deliver high performance even under high traffic and challenging network conditions. Robustness, scalability, and high-speed interactions are essential features in all our apps.

All our products undergo a vigorous testing process to verify high quality and performance so that you get an app that is truly world-class.

Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics shows that 90% of a consumer’s mobile media time is spent on apps. Businesses worldwide have launched mobile apps to enhance customer reach and increase revenue.

Even traditional sectors like banking and insurance are no strangers to the world of apps. An app takes your business straight to where your customers are – their cell phones.

Below are just a few things we have been doing with Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Mobile Apps. Of course, the possibilities are endless. If you imagine it, we will realize it for you.

    • AR & VR Mobile apps

      Introduce real-time effects on static images

    • 3D representation

      Simulate 2D, 3D models of your products

    • Animation

      Create a memorable experience with 3D animation videos that come to life

    • Gaming

      Combine storytelling and compelling imagery to give your audience a thrilling gaming experience

    • Video Tutorials

      Make way for interactive learning with captivating lessons

    • Modeling

      Create 3D models for fascinating product demos and greater accuracy in manufacturing

    Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
    Mobile Apps in a Variety of Sectors

    While it will take you only a limited amount of money to develop an app, the ROI you reap via widespread access to customers, increased customer engagement, and higher usage is unlimited!





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