PaleBlue motion system simulators are light-weight optimized solutions that allow you to experience full motion control systems. PaleBlue has expertise in setting up 6DOF platforms but also 2DOF and 3DOF motion platforms, for various motion rigs: entertainment, auto, aerospace and other. Platform payload can be supplied, including screens, chairs, inputs devices, vehicle cabins. People per platform: 1-4. Visualization options: Screens and VR. RS and AS Platform series allow rapid movements, simulating all kind of situations: from road bumps to collisions.

PaleBlue Products Using
Motion Platforms

2DoF Motion Platform

This type is also called "Two degrees of freedom". It is an entry-level motion platform for simple industry or entertainment simulators. 2DoF is the right choice for applications when vertical movements or accelerations are not critically important: excavator simulator, truck, loader, train and others vehicles. This can also be used as a simplified flight and racing simulator. Here we use AC or DC motors with reducers depending on max-load requirements.


3DoF Motion Platform

This type of platforms has 3 levers, capable of translating pitch, roll and heave
motions to real life and it us a medium price solution for your simulator. Compared to the 2DoF platforms, the 3DoF has higher performance to price ratio and a better fidelity of vertical accelerations. It can be used as full-equipped racing installation or advanced bus/trolleybus training system.


6DoF Motion Platform

This type is known as full motion and provides outstanding experience with extremely high payload capabilities. In addition to pitch, roll and heave, it supports yaw, sway, and surge moves. It can be used for most challenging projects or situations when it is required high precision motion. This type of platforms is the perfect solution for professional vessel/flight simulators. Here we use complete 3-phase AC reducer-motors with VFD in case of usual ranges or linear DC actuators to provide extended range of translations.

Custom Motion Control Systems

Beside the traditional types, we develop various custom motion platforms. 2DoF and 3DoF can be upgraded with additional rotation axis and we can design and produce platform for 360 degrees rotation for all three main axes (upside-down revolution). If you need a special type of simulator or a revision on our products, please contact our technical managers.


PaleBlue Technology

Motion Simulations Classification

In industrial motion simulators, the user is controlling the vehicle. For example, PaleBlue crane simulators and heavy equipment simulators, such as excavator simulator and semi truck simulator
PaleBlue motion systems come in a number of configurations from 2 to 6 degrees of freedom. PaleBlue motion control systems are lightweight and modern, that makes them also very affordable alternatives to traditional heavy-weight solutions.


Motion systems are used in a number of fields, from engineering to equipment testing and training.
The ability to link a computer-based dynamic model of a particular system to physical motion gives the user the ability to feel how the vehicle would respond to control inputs without the need to construct expensive prototypes.


This type of testing allows the simulation of “seeded faults” (i.e. an intentional hydraulic leak, software error, or computer shutdown) which serve to validate that an equipment’s redundant design features work as intended. The trainee can also help identify system deficiencies such as inadequate or missing warning indicators, or even unintended control stick motion.


This testing is necessary to simulate extremely high risk events that cannot be conducted in flight but nonetheless must be demonstrated. While 6DOF motion platform is not necessary for this type of testing, the visual screen allows the trainee to operate the equipment while the faults are simultaneously triggered.

Mobile and Lightweight

PaleBlue 2DOF motion platform, 3DOF platforms and 6DOF motion platform simulators represent the new generation in platforms: lightweight, easy-to-use, and highly mobile. This makes PaleBlue solutions in motion systems the right choice for many industries and uses: industrial, educational, operational - spanning from oil and gas equipment to construction.

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