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PaleBlue HMI systems feature very realistic graphical controls, and intuitive touch-based input.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is a category of software application program for process control – the gathering of data in real time from remote locations in order to control equipment and conditions remotely.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface) is the user interface that connects an operator to the controller for an industrial system.

PaleBlue’s innovative SCADA & HMI systems are used to monitor and control a facilities or equipment in industries such as telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, oil and gas refining and transportation.

These systems are crucial for industrial organizations since they help to maintain efficiency, process data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime.

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SCADA Explained

PaleBlue’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) solutions are a system of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to:
  • Control industrial processes locally or at remote locations

  • Monitor, gather, and process real-time data

  • Directly interact with devices such as sensors, valves, pumps, motors, and more through human-machine interface (HMI) software

  • Record events into a log file

PaleBlue’s SCADA system gathers information, such as where a leak on a pipeline has occurred, transfers the information back to a central site, alerting the home station that the leak has occurred, carrying out necessary analysis and control, such as determining if the leak is critical, and displaying the information in a logical and organized fashion.

PaleBlues HMI systems are unique since they can be relatively simple, such as one that monitors environmental conditions of a small office building, or incredibly complex, such as a system that monitors all the activity in a nuclear power plant or the activity of a municipal water system.

The SCADA systems’ ability to notify the operator of an issue helps them to resolve the issues and prevent further loss of product, time, and cost.

Who uses SCADA and HMI?

HMI and SCADA systems are used by many industrial organizations and companies in both the public and private sectors to control and maintain efficiency, distribute data for smarter decisions, and communicate system issues to help mitigate downtime.

These systems work well in many different types of enterprises because they can range from simple configurations to large, complex installations. The systems are the backbone of many modern industries, including:

  • Energy

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil and Gas

  • Wind Power

  • Recycling

  • Food and Beverage

  • Transportation

  • Water Treatment

  • Maintenace

  • Gas Power

Virtually anywhere you look in today’s world, there is some type of SCADA or HMI system running behind the scenes: maintaining the refrigeration systems at the local supermarket, ensuring production and safety at a refinery, achieving quality standards at a waste-water treatment plant, or even tracking your energy use at home, to give a few PaleBlue examples.

Effective industrial systems can result in significant savings of time and money. Numerous case studies have been published highlighting the benefits and savings of using modern SCADA and HMI software solutions.

PaleBlue HMI Systems

HMI Simulator

PaleBlue’s modern HMI systems allow real-time data from the plant floor to be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world. This access to real-time information allows operators to make data-driven decisions on the spot, but also it allows improving processes. Without PaleBlue HMI software, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to gather sufficient data and perform well-informed decisions consistently.

Also, PaleBlue HMI systems has rapid application development (RAD) capabilities that allow users to design applications relatively easily, even if they don’t have extensive knowledge of software development.

PaleBlue integrates modern IT standards and practices including SQL and web-based access into HMI software. This greatly improves the efficiency, security, productivity, and reliability of HMI systems, for the clients worldwide.