Securing Investment from Valide Invest

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Validé Invest invests PaleBlue
Image Credit: PaleBlue

Validé Invest puts two million Norwegian kroner in investment into PaleBlue, a company developing advanced 3D simulation and visualization systems.

One million of this investment comes from Validé’s pre-seed money. The head of Validé Invest, Bjarte Magnussen, says that Validé Invest thus gives PaleBlue the necessary capital to begin the commercialization of its first major product. PaleBlue’s deliveries will make it interesting for more investment partners to take the development of the company further.

Validé is a facilitator of innovation projects, taking them from the R&D phase through to commercialization. Validé is also the official technology transfer office of 10 research institutes and is responsible for the IP portfolio management and commercialization of their intellectual assets. Validé is located in Stavanger, Norway.

An interview with Dr. Felix Gorbatsevich, Managing Director of PaleBlue, has been published on Validé’s website.