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PaleBlue at Underwater Intervention 2018
Image Credit: PaleBlue

PaleBlue has showcased a selection of its diving simulators at the Underwater Intervention 2018 convention in New Orleans, USA with real end-users.

The diving industry is a vibrant sector, in which new technologies play a crucial role. The advancement of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D Real-Time technologies brings innovative solutions to several areas of the diving industry – reproducing exact diving scenarios, increasing safety, reducing costs, and allowing employees to train more.

Dr. Felix Gorbatsevich (Managing Director of PaleBlue) was asked to demonstrate how the software industry is actually helping divers. For that, he conducted an interactive session with the audience at the Underwater Intervention 2018 conference, calling up diving personnel (with a special thank you to Epic Divers & Marine and Naval Special Warfare Group Three for their expertise and help in the demonstrations) from the attendees and inviting them to experience a virtual 3D diving session in a portable simulator. He chose to show how multiple systems could work together seamlessly, in this demonstration he used PaleBlue’s Dive Control Simulator and Virtual Reality Diver, to reproduce an interactive diving scenario. The scenario included a realistic interactive diving bell, subsea installations, and an underwater habitat. The demonstration participants were able to see the surroundings in 3D, experience the real time interactivity, see themselves moving through the virtual environment, and be exposed to different scenarios – from lock-out and inspection to habitat operation and Dynamic Positioning run-off emergency. PaleBlue has demonstrated these systems again during the Diving Industry Workgroup (DIWG) session, where the systems received positive reviews and were praised by leading specialists in the industry.

When Dr. Gorbatsevich was asked what he thought about showing the Virtual solutions to end-users, he said “The use of diving simulators to the divers and their support teams has shown that the Virtual Reality can contribute not just to common forms of training, but also to specialized situation training. Until today, the high complexity of diving operations prevented true computer simulators from being applied to training.” PaleBlue was able to demonstrate how introducing consecutive emergencies can facilitate better preparedness and higher cost-efficiency for the diving companies, their personnel, teams, and their customers.

PaleBlue would like to thank Phil Newsum of ADCI for the invitation to the event, Andy Butler of TechnipFMC, Epic Divers & Marine, and Naval Special Warfare Group Three for their expertise and help in the demonstrations of PaleBlue solutions to the attendees of the conference.

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