Attending the VRARA Enterprise Summit 2019

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VRARA Enterprise Summit 2019
Image Credit: PaleBlue

Staying up to date is something PaleBlue constantly cares about. Naturally, a good way to learn about latest best practices is through attending industry’s events.

The most recent one we attended was the VRARA Enterprise Summit at the LiveWorx digital transformation conference. This was hosted by the VR/AR Association on June 10th, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

The one-day summit had 30 sessions and 40 speakers holding lectures on VR/AR topics in industries such as AEC, Training and much more. We met visitors of all ages and positions that were there to sharpen their VR/AR knowledge. The main question on everyone’s mind was how VR can bring tangible benefits to their training and business projects. PaleBlue gladly shared more in-depth information on how our VR solutions can help individuals and company further advance their projects for the best-in-class simulators.

We were happy to see that immersive technologies are not a scary word any longer.

VRARA is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and people in the VR and AR ecosystem that accelerates growth, research and education, and develops best practices and guidelines. VRARA has over 4200 companies and 25,000 professionals registered, over 50 chapters globally, and 20 industry committees. VRARA programs & initiatives are designed to accelerate anyone’s growth, knowledge, and connections.

LiveWorx is one of the world’s most respected digital transformation conferences for the enterprise. Attendees experience some of the most innovative and disruptive technologies — VR/MR/AR, AI & Robotics, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Digital Engineering and more.