PaleBlue Engineers to Take Part in GeoPlayground’s Development

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We are happy to announce that PaleBlue and GeoPlayground have recently signed a collaboration agreement. Together with GeoPlayGround, being an industrial partner, PaleBlue’s software developers will contribute to GeoPlayground’s web-based geological system. This aims to help the oil&gas geoscientists better analyze their data and ease their decision-making process.

In the picture above: Flemming Kjeilen-Eilertsen, CEO at GeoPlayground, Alisa Smerdova, CTO/Development Manager at GeoPlayground, and Felix Gorbatsevich, Managing Director at PaleBlue

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We asked GeoPlayground’s CEO, Flemming Kjeilen-Eilertsen, how he sees this partnership. His answer was: “We are very excited about the collaboration with PaleBlue. This partnership connects GeoPlayground AS with the best resources outside of Stavanger region and will help us to strengthen our team and enhance GeoPlayground’s product development.”

Felix Gorbatsevich, our Managing Director, shared his own thoughts of the agreement with GeoPlayground: “Teamwork is the foundation of any success, and getting a good and productive team is not always easy. PaleBlue, however, has a vast experience in building that dream-team our clients need. We are thrilled about having the chance to do the same for GeoPlayground.”

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GeoPlayground is an innovative company developing systems for easy and fast integration of subsurface data. GeoPlayground technology helps geoscientists by providing guided integration of data management, database sources, performing analysis and reporting – all in one.

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