Attending SimGHOSTS 2019 Event with Healthcare Professionals

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SimGhosts 2019 PaleBlue attending
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Medical events are helpful for people – where they exchange knowledge and ideas with one another on a personal level. Lance Baily, CEO of, referred PaleBlue to one of the most sophisticated events of the year 2019 SimGHOSTS event in Miami FL, which is a global hands-on training event.

Medical VR is used in healthcare institutions and other settings as a means of instruction and education – enabling medical students to acquire the know-how and understanding about the human’s anatomy or body in a virtual environment.

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The healthcare world is constantly changing. Technology, for instance, Telemedicine plays a substantial role in the medical area. The use of telemedicine technology is continuously enabling medical professionals to gain access to medical information or services that might normally be unavailable.

SimGHOSTS was designed for both medical educators and technology specialists. This year’s event provided a meeting place for us to exchange know-how and ideas with medical peers – and PaleBlue received an update on state-of-the-art applications of medical simulation technologies.

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At the event, experts laid emphasis on high-fidelity mannequin hardware and software operations, design of the audio-visual system – including its integration in telemedicine, operations, and troubleshooting.

In addition, PaleBlue has got substantial insights about the advancements in 3D printing and how this technology can improve the overall healthcare structure. The high-level information on 3D printing, casting, molding, prototyping, and fabrication really amazed us. The program also highlighted IT networking and debugging, international healthcare simulation education practices, as well as virtual environments and serious games.

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PaleBlue is one of the top companies that create VR & AR technology-based tools for different industries. The company delivers state-of-the-art tools that are reliable, robust, and customizable. Our tools are used in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare. The simulators not only help medical professionals in diagnosing different medical conditions but also allow for integrated health, which is an essential aspect of health facilities. PaleBlue participation at SimGHOSTS 2019 was a cornerstone for the visitors.

PaleBlue had an opportunity to review AR/VR simulators developed by other companies. We were able to know that these tools are highly capable of replacing the physical simulation mannequins with a high-definition, customizable, 3D virtual patients, which can be projected anywhere. The simulators we reviewed at SimGHOSTS allow for reproducing patient presentations with unparalleled visual fidelity – whether pregnant, obese, young, old, missing limbs, bleeding, vomiting, or any other physical symptoms.

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PaleBlue understands that telemedicine and advanced tools in remote monitoring are giving both medical professionals and patients more centricity and flexibility in health and care. We believe that progressions in AI, VR, and AR will help health professionals to make informed decisions and improve the overall patient experience during long-term care.

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Therefore, PaleBlue is continuously making substantial efforts to enhance VR and AR – in order to change the world of medicine and make it more tailored to the needs of health professionals, clients, and patients.

We have a keen interest in knowing the cutting-edge technological tools that are revolutionizing the field of medicine and health. We attend events and conferences that encourage us to share opinions and experiences, which could prove beneficial for a facility or private practice. We are looking forward to collaborating with other companies in the same domain so that we play our part in this integrative health approach.