Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industries

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Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming a mainstream technology, altering how we percept real-life surroundings. Many might be familiar with AR from games, where real-world images are superimposed with game characters – right at a mobile phone screen. As a matter of fact, Augmented Reality has already become a key term across different sectors. It also contributes to an operational problem solving process within manufacturing industries.

Equipment monitoring using AR – Condition Monitoring

Using AR super-charges condition monitoring (CM). CM is a process of analyzing the status of equipment in operation. Augmented Reality is essential in this process in order to look at not only a few pieces of an equipment, but to get a complete overview detecting not only what component is going to fail, but also when it is going to happen. That helps to schedule work, and to plan repairs during the downtime. On a bigger scale, it prevents the possibility of catastrophic failures.
AR is not a futuristic concept anymore. An operator loads a CAD model of a machine, looks a particular element and the relevant information pops out in real-time.  A problem is solved in an interactive and accessible format. That saves time and prevents skill gap.

A holographic storytelling
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Augmented reality and Condition-based maintenance

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) identifies the actual condition of a certain asset so to recognize what and when maintenance needs to be provided. Surprises might result in costly repairs. Augmented Reality helps to get rid of such contingencies. Machines can share information about how they are running, what maintenance they require, and what steps must be taken. It is Industry 4.0 that promotes the connection of sensors and devices, integrates digital tools into real-life business, and AR is one of these tools. AR, combined with CBM, vastly improves knowledge transfer and on-the-job interaction. 

Remote support using augmented reality video link

Nowadays people take digital user manuals for granted. However, Augmented Reality goes even further. It brings up relevant information straight to your eyes, and enables hand-free experience. Augmented Reality powers remote support allowing to connect remote support engineers to your equipment handling crews. That is why, no matter how far a physical malfunction is, step-by-step guidance through a complex repair is a breeze. Remote support engineers address issue on-line, providing instructions for on-site crew members and making sure the problem is resolved safely and correctly. 
Augmented Reality is revolutionizing manufacturing industries. It is an innovative technology for those who have a goal to achieve better productivity and efficiency, reduce risk and cost, and maintain a hazard-free work environment.