Top 5 Lifehacks for Working from Home

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The shortcomings of working from home are well known. Video meetings that last forever, colleagues are difficult to get hold of, elusive project planning that needs finalization ASAP. 

Luckily, PaleBlue has tools that can help to overcome many of these shortcomings. Here’s the Top 5 list of the tools that can help you when working remotely, or working from home.

1. Take Meetings in 3D for That Human Touch

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Using video calls to talk to people works, generally. However, if you are more than 5 people, that can easily become a mess. It’s also not possible to have a smaller conversation with a neighbour regarding that financial aspect of the project – without disrupting the overall meeting flow.

PaleBlue 3D meetings allow you to move in 3D space in the gathering, thus controlling what and when you want to hear. Also fine to have a side chat, not disturbing the general group.

Record and playback is another great feature of PaleBlue 3D meetings. The session is recorded, and in case you missed something, you can go back and hear and see through the meeting.

2. Manage Project Costs by Employing Remote Teams

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You have a new project phase, and the estimates could be looking good, if not for the uncertainty of the current situation. These days, the management does not always think that the project costs are justified. There is a way to deliver while lowering the project budget.

This way is employing remote teams, using outstaffing or outsourcing. In the present day, when many of us are working remotely already. This means that starting a project with remote members of the team will not change how the work is done, but will improve the cost efficiency, as you would be able to do more with less.

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3. Visualize Your Work in the Virtual Meetings

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Slide decks work just fine. Sometimes though there are not sufficient, where you want to demonstrate that CAD model you’ve been working on, or that dress cutout that you want to launch. For this, 3D meetings step in. So your new designs, whether those are shoes, t-shirts, or large industrial pieces of equipment, can be discussed in 3D in your virtual gathering.

So much more visual and hands-on than video calls.

4. Don’t Interrupt Hands-on Studies

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If your course group is involved in hands-on training and experience, such as operating a new machine, excavator, or going through a project rehearsal, you can utilize PaleBlue 3D meetings to connect participants in our shared 3D space.

Those people can participate in the rehearsal from their phones, computers, or VR devices. They see each other, can talk to each other, and can interact with objects, environment, and other virtual people around them.

5. Save on Travel by Taking Remote Meetings

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The world is changing and online communication has become an indispensable element of our lives. Today, travel can be costly and unnecessary. Why travel, spending budgets and valuable time in transit? All it needs to get connected is to set time and push a button.

When choosing what type of meeting to use, it is essential to go for the best technology providing the service. PaleBlue 3D meetings are the key to making your long-distance meeting just a button click away.

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