What is

Augmented Reality

The idea of Augmented Reality is to superimpose graphics, audio, and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real time.

Video games, business apps, training solutions, and cell phones are driving the development of Augmented Reality. Now, with the Augmented Reality programming, you get a blurred line between reality and computer-generated experience.

Augmented Reality around us


Augmented Reality is becoming a way of life. This technology is maturing very quickly. No matter what field you’re interested in, AR might become a key tool there.


Augmented Reality allows users to enhance what they see with real-time super imposed digital information. It brings step by step instructions on how to repair a device, for example.


The projection of light on buildings make them come alive. The immense visual performance is absolutely spectacular and is becoming a popular type of entertaining shows.


This particular application of Augmented Reality is especially useful for new areas. AR adds location information on a screen about the objects that can be seen around a user and helps to recognize nearby businesses and mapping directions.


The retailer is using Augmented Reality to let customers preview how a product would fit in. They give a visible 3D example with a more detailed view from various angles, so to have an idea how the product would look before they buy it.

Augmented Reality devices


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Wearable computer glasses that add information to what the user sees.


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Any device which is small enough to be operated in the hand.


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Shows a virtual 3D image visible without any special equipment.


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Display presents data without requiring users to look away from viewpoints.


Powering the sensation

Advanced visual experience brings a part of a virtual world back into our environment with Augmented Reality. Dimensions overlap and the gap between imagination and reality reduces. Examples are demonstrated in various industries.


Augmented Reality provides a brilliant solution to spot manufacturing errors easier.

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AR helps to innovate the procedure by eye tracking all information at the same time.

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Augmented Reality provides an opportunity for everyone to learn and understand their surroundings.

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Customers are able to recognize various products in a visual manner, to see animated 3D models.

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