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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a digital technology that can immerse a user into a completely different reality. It makes a user think they are actually inside another dimension which might not even exist. Virtual Reality is bound to change the way we live, socialize and work. It is advancing at a faster pace, and is likely to influence all aspects of our lifes.

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Virtual Reality allows more accessible, reliable and ultimately more immersive experience. It enables to interact with the surroundings and get a 360-degree view of the environment, which helps to simplify complex situations in safe and controlled area. Not to mention that the process is innovative and enjoyable. Virtual Reality is a key technology to shape the future in various industries.


Difficult and dangerous jobs are hard to train for. How can one safely practice taking a trip to space, diving into deep waters or landing a jumbo jet? Virtual Reality applications help to craft experiences that are far more efficient and reliable than traditional training approaches.

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Scientific Visualization

The atomic or molecular scale is only visible when using an electron microscope. Virtual Reality changes that. Instead of wrestling with two-dimensional drawings of molecules, it is possible to move them around like Lego pieces right before your eyes.

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VR opportunities in the healthcare sector are breathtaking. Apart from its use in things like surgical training and drug design, Virtual Reality also makes telemedicine possible, like monitoring, examining, or operating on patients remotely.

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Design & Architecture

Models out of card and paper are loosing their ground. Nowadays architects build Virtual Reality computer models so customers can walk through, explore, test qualities and make changes to a space.

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Experience real-life scenarios

The future of Virtual Reality development is set to be a pillar of our everyday lives. Virtual Reality is the most deeply engaging type of modern technologies and can convince the human brain to be somewhere it is really not.

Head mounted displays, used with headphones and hand controllers, provide a fully fascinating Virtual Reality experience. Let us introduce VR Headsets.

PC connected

A Virtual Reality device which uses “room scale” tracking technology, requires connection to stationary PC.

Mobile VR

Mobile Virtual Reality headset implies usage of a smartphone to create the experience.


A VR platform named for its fold-out cardboard viewer into which a smartphone is inserted.


A completely standalone Virtual Reality headset. Portable and does not require additional equipment.

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When trying VR you don’t want to go back to the conventional way of working.

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An experience of 360-degree video gives the feeling of complete involvement.


It is always delightful to try new possibilies and broaden the horizon.


Innovative technologies bring more amusement and fun to routines.

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