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3D CAD models are too heavy for real-time simulator use as-is. PaleBlue CAD Direct allows you to load 3D models from CAD sources, optimizing them on the fly, automatically.

Traditional way

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It uses a long and costly manual process of simplifying the 3D models. Days and weeks can be spend this way at a single model.

PaleBlue Way

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It implies an automatic model simplification while loading. There is no need for manual work. Takes from some minutes to some hours, depending on complexity.

PaleBlue Platform

With PaleBlue CAD Direct you can convert parametric, analytic and CSG 3D models to triangulated format for VR real-time graphic scenes display.

Modern 3D graphics systems use triangulated object representation, where the surface is divided into triangles. At the same time, BIM and CAD objects are defined using parametric equations. Therefore, a conversion is required to load CAD objects (parametric object format) into the simulator (triangular object format).

PaleBlue CAD Direct technology allows you to import and load BIM objects and 3D CAD models to simulated scenes. 


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 A wide range of formats (BIM and CAD) and connection to geometry databases are supported.

Importing the objects keeps an optimum triangulation. This leads to a significant improvement in rendering performance while the appearance retains the high quality.

Once loaded, the BIM objects and CAD models that have been optimized are cached in the simulator. Afterwards, the objects are accessed from the cache to speed up the consequent loading.

Advanced Cad Modeling

The system supports complex composite CAD objects consisting of object assemblies and parts.

If the original CAD file is modified after the initial conversion, the triangulation is revised automatically.

The update is applied solely to the parts and assemblies that were affected by the change. This significantly speeds up the application of adjustments to the simulation objects.

level of detail

Optimization is combined with LOD (level of detail) approaches. Depending on the distance from the observer, LOD method changes the object triangulation complexity on the fly.

As BIM/CAD objects are moving further away from the camera, and occupy less screen space, they switch to LOD versions with simpler triangulations. This significantly improves the performance of complex scenes that have large number of BIM/CAD models.

Be direct with your CAD with CAD Direct

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