PaleBlue Physics Plus helps you obtain a very accurate physical modeling and simulation, aimed to be one-to-one with real life.

Traditional way

Uses physics engines created for gaming so an exciting look is obtained. However, a realistic behavior is far from being obtained.

PaleBlue Way

Uses industry-grade physics modeling, with accurate reproduction of real-world interactions (forces, friction, weights etc.).

PaleBlue Platform

PaleBlue Physics Plus is an industrial physics modeling engine that approaches in an innovative way the creation of physical interaction scenes.
Through it, you can use the original engineering values (mass, drag and friction coefficients) and define the center of mass.


Our physics modeling engine allows you to:

– simulate complex physical interactions and scenes, with the most realistic interactions in its class. Object’s physical behavior is as close as possible to the real behavior of the objects being modeled.

– solve a class of mass ratio problems (the presence of a physical connection or articulation between a light and a heavy object), making it possible to achieve a ratio of 1 to 105.

Advanced physics


Easy controls


Direct collision


realistic gravity



You can tailor the technology to needs of a specific project. This makes possible both simple physical scenes (simple interactions in VR) and complex ones (e.g. a complex heavy lifting setups).