VR Connect

PaleBlue VR Connect allows unlimited multiplayer sessions, with as many Avatars in Virtual Reality as needed. It also permits to different roles to interact in the same scene.

Traditional way

You can have a limited number of participants in a simulation. Only one role training at a time is possible.

PaleBlue Way

You can have unlimited participants, remote connection through the internet and different roles within the same simulation session.

PaleBlue Platform

With the PaleBlue VR Connect technology you can have multi-user simulation sessions. These will happen simultaneously for users with and without VR equipment.


  • Room

  • Room


With PaleBlue VR Connect you can:

– have an unlimited number of VR participants in a multi-user session

– assign different roles to the participants in a session

– change avatars/roles on the fly

– connect to PaleBlue multi-user server host (connection over LAN and over the Internet

– have observers of the simulation (session participants that do not have an avatar/body). These observers can move freely around the scene.

– get full motion information transmitted over the network, from all available sensors. This includes the head and body position, finger positions, facial expressions and gaze direction.