VR FlexBody

PaleBlue FlexBody allows you to see your own complete 3D body (also called an avatar) in a VR simulation, along with the bodies of others around you. That makes it possible to recognize self and others, and have an immersive experience.

Traditional way

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

Does not display a full body but only the head and hands floating - from the first and third person.

Moreover, movements often follow a predetermined animation sequence, rather than being fully controlled by the user.

PaleBlue Way

Photo Credit: PaleBlue

Full body is displayed - including arms and legs, as seen by any participant of the session.

Avatar movements are fully following positions of feet, hands and head.

PaleBlue Platform

The PaleBlue VR FlexBody technology shares with each participant the complete view of an avatar’s body.

In a multi-role, multi-player VR training you will see not only your own role in the simulation but others’ too.


With our technology you get the following:

– the whole body, including arms and legs, is visible

– all person-perspectives have a complete view of the other players’ avatars

– there is enough sensor data for modelling the hands and all fingers’ position

– can be used with human characters but also with non-human characters, such as Artificial Intelligence


Photo Credit: PaleBlue
Photo Credit: PaleBlue
Photo Credit: PaleBlue
Photo Credit: PaleBlue

Fully customizable

Through VR FlexBody technology you can select the right avatar for your training. From gender, work suit to training role, you can tailor it to your exact needs.

VR FlexBody collects all information it needs from VR FreeSense and shares it through Smart Avatar to recreate all avatar’s position and its precise movements, while making it visible to all players connected to the VR training session.

That means that you will not see just the full body of the avatar but will also get to watch it entirely interacting with the VR environment.

Get a full body avatar for a most realistic simulation

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