The Only IMCA-Recognized Digital Simulator for Certification in Diving

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PaleBlue, a provider of Industrial Simulators for training and education programs, is proud to announce that KBA Training (one of our partners) has released a summary video of their latest training course using our simulators with actual users. This course, called Simulator Training for Saturation Diving Supervisors, has been designed to give IMCA Trainee Bell Diving Supervisors hands-on experience of operating a realistic dive panel while conducting a diving operation without the high costs or long times.

Alan Rhodes, Head of Diving Training Department at KBA said “The simulator is a great tool for refreshing those skills which have been lost through moving into more senior positions and not getting the panel hours… or for preparedness for the unexpected. When you are on the panel and the instructor starts introducing simple faults or more complex scenarios, the pressure really starts to come on and it feels like you are actually out on the job, though fortunately, if something goes wrong, divers’ lives are not at risk. The scenarios which can be simulated are endless.”

Simulator panel hours count as double actual panel hours as per IMCA regulation. Therefore, 20 simulator hours equate to 40 hours offshore panel hours – as PaleBlue Dive Control Simulator is recognized by IMCA as Class B Dive Control Simulator. Furthermore, PaleBlue is the only company in the world with digital simulators recognized by IMCA.

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PaleBlue’s Managing Director, Felix Gorbatsevich, shared his thoughts on this video: “PaleBlue closely works with training centers and schools, where our simulators are installed. Together with clients like KBA, PaleBlue solutions in digitalization – from touch panels to 3D systems – help to intensify training, streamline workflow, and improve safety – worldwide. We are continuously increasing the amount of PaleBlue simulator-based training in the world market.”